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Bigfoot Hunter: A Camera Adventure Game Review

There are plenty of hunting games on the app store, and most of them are pretty fun. However, to play them you have to – well, you have to shoot animals.

Not in real life of course, but even anchoring a digital deer in your brain can be hard to do.

The Tap Lab has a solution for those of us who love the satisfaction of pointing and pulling a trigger, but don’t necessarily want something dying at the end of a gun. Bigfoot Hunter: an adventure game with camera is to photograph wildlife with a camera, not a weapon.

Mind you, the animals still aren’t crazy about having their picture taken, but damn it, at least they don’t end up on a plate.

Oh shoot

But big feet hunter play a bit like deer hunter and similar game-hunting mobile titles, it doesn’t take itself seriously for a second. The animals are exaggerated and cartoonish, and try to foil your attempts at photography in an eerily human way.

They hide behind trees, they dig underground tunnels, they dodge behind rocks, and they even throw pine cones at you to make you lose your shot. But if you stick with it, you should get some great shots (and some spending money for your troubles).

As the name suggests, you also get the chance to “hunt and shoot” Bigfoot. Unsurprisingly, he moves fast, so it’s hard to get a focused shot of him. If hunting wears you out, you can always take a “selfie” with Bigfoot using your device’s camera and some “stickers”.

The bottom line

big feet hunter is as silly as a hunting game, but it’s quite funny and fun to play.

The only major complaint it could have would be its lack of calibration features (the camera is controlled with body movements and/or by swiping the screen), but that shouldn’t dampen your resolve to take a shot of the Sasquatch himself.