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Best disposable camera 2022: Best single-use cameras for parties, vacations and weddings

Cheap, cheerful, and operationally foolproof, the best disposable cameras are perfect for life’s big events. With their compact and lightweight construction, single-use cameras excel in situations where larger, heavier, and more expensive digital cameras may prove impractical.

A firm favorite for handing out among guests at wedding receptions and parties, disposable cameras are also great for festivals, camping trips, and backpacking. They’re ideal for capturing those candid – and not so candid – moments, and with no batteries to charge or complex settings to adjust, they’re a great option for kids too.

To help you find the best disposable camera for you, below is our brief buying guide, highlighting the main features to look for, followed by our roundup of the best disposable cameras on the market today. today.

How to choose the best disposable camera for you

How do disposable cameras work?

Disposable cameras are rudimentary film cameras designed for single-use use. They come pre-loaded with a roll of 35mm film and shutter speed, aperture and focus are all preset. Most disposables come with a flash that you can turn on and off, but other than that you just have to point and shoot. The film is advanced after each shot by turning a wheel and once you reach the end of the roll there is no need to rewind or remove the film cartridge – instead you can drop the whole thing in of the camera for development.

Where can I get disposable cameras developed?

Although photo labs aren’t as ubiquitous as they once were, there are still plenty of options for dealing with disposable cameras. Some branches of Boots, Jessops, Max Spielmann, and Snappysnaps offer disposable camera development with a fast turnaround. Alternatively, you can send your camera to Take It Easy Lab, Analogue Wonderland or Harrison’s.

Most photo labs will give you the option of printing or scanning documents saved on a CD, USB stick or delivered by e-mail.

What should I pay attention to in a disposable camera?

While the majority of disposable cameras follow a very similar design, there are a few features worth looking out for.

The number of strokes is a big problem. While the majority of disposable cameras offer 27 shots, you can find models that include up to 39 shots. While these larger capacity cameras tend to incur a higher upfront cost, they generally offer better overall value, as most labs charge a flat rate for processing.

Depending on how you plan to use your disposable camera, a built-in flash might be important. Most single-use cameras come with ISO 400 or ISO 800 film combined with a preset aperture and shutter speed that should ensure well-exposed outdoor images. If you want to take pictures indoors or in the evening, you will need a camera with a flash.

Waterproof disposable cameras, while generally not designed to withstand great diving depths, are a good shout for vacation snaps by the pool and beach.

If you’re looking for something a little different, then the experimental black and white and color disposable cameras are definitely worth considering. Keep in mind, however, that because black-and-white films generally require a different development process than color films, developing them can be slower and more expensive.

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The best disposable cameras to buy in 2022

1. Kodak FunSaver Camera: Best Color Disposable Camera:

Price: £20 | Buy now on Amazon

Kodak’s yellow-on-black Funsaver is the quintessential single-use camera. A staple at weddings and tourist sites around the world, it’s widely available, has a switchable flash for indoor shots, and comes preloaded with a roll of classic Kodak color film.

The FunSaver comes in two varieties, a standard 27-round version and a 39-round bumper model (or, as Kodak puts it, 27 with an additional 12). The 39 shot version will generally give you better value per shot and is therefore definitely worth keeping an eye out for.

If you’re looking to stock up for a wedding or party, you can save by purchasing a two-, three-, or five-camera Kodak FunSaver multipack.

Key Details – Number of Strokes: 27 or 39; Kind of movies: Color; Shine: Yes

2. Kodak Daylight 39 Single Use Camera: Best Budget Disposable Camera

Price: £14 | Buy now on Amazon

The Kodak Daylight offers the classic Kodak look at a lower price. As the name suggests, the Daylight is designed exclusively for outdoor photography and therefore comes without a flash. While this essentially rules it out for indoor and low-light shots, it’s ideal for brightly lit scenes, making it perfect for summer vacations and a great choice for photographing snowy winter activities as well. .

The Kodak Daylight packs 39 shots at a lower price than most of its flash-equipped competitors, making it an excellent budget choice for outdoor photography.

Key Details – Number of Strokes: 39; Kind of movies: Color; Shine: No

3. Ilford XP2 Disposable Camera: Best Black and White Disposable Camera

Price: £18 | Buy now on Amazon

While disposable black-and-white cameras are becoming more common, most suffer from the same drawback: they use traditional black-and-white film that can’t be easily processed by most street photo labs.

Ilford’s XP2 disposable camera is unique in that it is the only monochrome disposable camera on the market to use C41 black and white film. In other words, this means that the film can be developed in any standard laboratory.

The camera offers 27 shots, has a switchable flash and, above all, produces timeless black and white images.

Key Details – Number of Strokes: 27; Kind of movies: Black and white; Shine: Yes

4. Lomography Simple Use Rechargeable Camera: Best Reusable Disposable Camera

Price: £36 | Buy now on Amazon

Although a reusable disposable camera may seem like an oxymoron, if you plan to take more than one roll of photos, a rechargeable camera is worth considering.

The Lomography Simple Use comes preloaded with a roll of 36-frame color film and functions like any other disposable camera. When you reach the end of the roll, however, you can open the back and drop in a new one.

As buying a new roll of film is significantly cheaper than buying a new camera each time, provided the camera is maintained, simple operation is a more practical and economical alternative. to traditional disposable products.

Key Details – Number of Strokes: 36 (refillable); Kind of movies: Color; Shine: Yes

5. Kodak Sport Single-Use Camera: Best Waterproof Disposable Camera

Price: £22 | Buy now on Amazon

If you’re looking for a vacation disposable that’s perfect for shooting around the pool and on the beach, look no further than the Kodak Sport Single Use Camera. The Kodak Sport is a reinforced disposable with a waterproof, shockproof rubber shell and a scratch and sunscreen resistant lens.

It’s waterproof to 15m, but as it doesn’t have a flash we wouldn’t recommend it for any serious diving. For shallower depths and shots around the pool, however, it’s ideal and a great choice if you’re looking for something a bit more rugged.

Key Details – Number of Strokes: 27; Kind of movies: Color; Shine: No