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Benefits of dash cam systems for commercial fleets – Retail Times

Did you know that 80% of car-truck accidents are the faults of passenger vehicles, but the truckers are blamed? Consequently, fleet owners are increasingly investing in preventive measures to protect the reputation of their company and their drivers. Dashcam systems can be used to do this.

Fleet Dash Cam The systems are usually integrated with power source, storage device and GPS system. These driver-facing and road-facing cameras improve driver safety, monitor performance and ensure compliance with local, national and international guidelines. Let’s explore the most important benefits of advanced fleet dash cam systems.

1. They keep the driver and the fleet safe

Drivers directly reflect the reputation of a transport company as a whole. Therefore, ensuring that they drive safely should be one of the main concerns of transport companies. A double-sided dash cam installed in a fleet provides HD 360oh to see. The cabin-facing camera can monitor driver driving, such as seat belt wearing, phone use, or smoking.

On the other hand, forward and side-facing cameras monitor and analyze road conditions and risky driving behaviors like changing lanes and driving too close to vehicles. The system issues real-time alerts to drivers to remind them to concentrate. On the other hand, fleet managers also receive reports and can analyze videos for incident analysis to perform coaching on driver infractions.

2. They prevent burglaries

Businesses can suffer substantial losses due to the theft of their fleet. The loss of resources spent on freight, expensive equipment and assets, including the vehicle and customer trust, can be difficult to recover. To prevent this, dashcam systems are equipped with motion sensors that cause the cameras to start recording when someone breaks in. Fleet managers also receive suspicious movement alerts when the engine is not started. They can track and file reports to authorities accordingly.

3. They prevent insurance fraud

Insurance Fraud by misrepresentation is a common problem on the road. Simply put, some drivers deliberately hit large vehicles to claim insurance money. In most cases, there is no evidence of falsified accusations. In these scenarios, dashcam video recordings can prevent fraudulent claims and prevent innocent drivers and companies from paying huge sums for events they are not responsible for. Therefore, the investment in dashcam costs results in huge cumulative savings.

4. They ensure compliance

Using a dashcam ensures that drivers adhere to company guidelines and Electronic Hosting Devices (ELD) rules by tracking, managing and sharing service records (RODs). Improper driving alerts via integrated audio systems help reduce the number of traffic violations. Such systems can help companies comply with international standards Vision Zero safety policy that aims for zero fatalities on the road.


A fleet dash cam system is cost effective, easy to install, and can save thousands of dollars in the long run. It can be used as a deterrent to reduce liability and allow companies to design policies such as rewarding top performers to boost employee engagement. All of this translates into improved overall performance and transparency and helps organizations gain customer trust. Installing sophisticated dash cam systems is among the essential fleet solutions that can be explored by fleet owners to increase ROI.