Camera for adventure

Become a professional adventure filmmaker

This program is designed to equip students with the specialist and professional skills necessary to work in this dynamic field of the film and photography industries. Students will be introduced to the basic production and post-production skills required to produce adventure-based film and multimedia content. There will be a number of expeditions and projects, in addition to formal courses, which will allow students to experience working in a range of environments and fields.

As part of Trinity Saint David University of Wales (which has campuses across the UK), the course works together with another amazing Carmarthen-based course, BA Outdoor Adventure Education, to offer a variety of experiences. Throughout the degree, professionals working in documentary filmmaking, photography, television and social media, as well as basic skills in outdoor activities participate.

Level 3 outdoor first aid and RSSL level water safety management qualifications are also offered as part of the program. Engagement with industry is built into all aspects of our course. This can take the form of internships, projects for external clients, modules focused on developing your employability or engagements with the many industry experts who will offer their expertise in workshops and guest lectures.

These can range from extreme sports and motorsports to wildlife, landscape and coastline filming, and aerial filming. As students progress, they can specialize in any area of ​​their choice; in their final year, students can work on an individual major project in the field of their choice, with expert input from leading practitioners. There is also the possibility of working on a client project defined by large companies in the industry.

Mildred Lasky

The author Mildred Lasky