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B.C. teenager pushed back against online extortionist, Crown prosecutor says to jury

A Crown prosecutor says a B.C. teenager, Amanda Todd, brushed off the person who was harassing and extorting her online, sending them a message saying she hoped they felt guilty about having “ruined the life of a young girl”.

Kristen LeNoble says Todd also posted a message on Facebook, asking people she was in contact with to support her and not judge her, as she feared her stalker was about to distribute a link depicting her as sexual way.

LeNoble told the jury in the B.C. Supreme Court trial for Aydin Coban, the Dutchman accused of extorting Todd, that the person threatened to distribute links to family, friends and classmates at unless she does three sex “shows” on a web camera.

Coban pleaded not guilty to extortion, harassment, communicating with a youth to commit a sexual offense and possession of child pornography.

LeNoble told the jury that one of the many aliases used to harass and extort Todd told her she had until the end of the day “until all hell breaks loose”.

She says another Facebook post from Todd shows the teenager from Port Coquitlam, B.C., feared the harassment would continue for the rest of her life.

“It’s such an awful feeling for me,” she read on one of Todd’s Facebook posts.

The extortion began just before Todd turned 13 in November 2009, LeNoble said.

Crown Prosecutor Louise Kenworthy told the jury at the start of the trial nearly two months ago that Todd had been the victim of a persistent online ‘sextortion’ campaign for three years before his death at age 15. years in October 2012.

LeNoble told the jury on Tuesday that by the time the Crown completes its closing argument, it will have proven beyond a reasonable doubt that Coban was the person behind 22 separate online aliases used to harass and extort the teenager.