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Aztech Forgotten Gods Review: An Intense Action Adventure Filled With Emotion – Eugene Sowah

Mexican Developers Lienzo Are Ready To Share The High Speed ​​Action Adventure – Aztech Forgotten Gods

Aztech Forgotten Gods

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Mexican developers Lienzo finally share their high-octane adventure Aztech Forgotten Gods, which puts a flashy sci-fi twist on Aztec history.

The story begins years before the main setting where a guardian called Zuma places her gauntlet called Lightkeeper in a temple to keep the old gods locked away.

Several years later, after the Aztec Empire has transformed into a hyper-advanced civilization, an archaeologist named Nantsin discovers a mysterious core and the lighthouse keeper, which she believes can help provide energy to the planet. worse for years to come.

She attaches the Lightkeeper to her daughter Achtli, who lost her arm in an accident that also killed her father.

Once connected, Achtli is visited by a mythical being called Tez, who explains to her that she has freed the gods from their slumber and it is now their mission to defeat them.

The Lightkeeper is the main weapon in Aztech Forgotten Gods



I think the main plot strength is the character interaction, especially the constant back and forth between Achtli and Tez, which is hilarious.

It’s also great to see how Achtli not only tries to save the world, but also comes to terms with the trauma of losing her father.

The overall story has its moments, but I think it would have fallen slightly flat without its charming cast and empathetic themes.

Aztech Forgotten Gods is a highly stylistic game filled with beautiful designs that help solidify its lore. The main characters all sport fun designs that feel right at home with the rest of his world.

Although the NPCs seem to have been copied and pasted throughout the game with some minor changes for each.

The main selling point of Aztech Forgotten Gods is its cheeky bosses which all look fantastic.

It features high battles in beautiful locations



The intricate details that have been poured into their design are majestic. However, overall the graphics look quite dated with a lack of textures and lackluster character models.

The music in Aztech Forgotten Gods is mostly heavy metal or rock, which is a great companion to the trendy gameplay, keeping the beat going through every fight.

Aztech Forgotten Gods will see players battling against each of the gigantic gods in high-speed battles.

Bosses are also essentially puzzles that players will need to unravel in order to defeat them. The fights start out smart and compelling, but once you decipher their puzzle or attack pattern, they become a bit repetitive and far too easy to beat.

The stages will also be filled with other enemies which will add a little more variety to the battles.

Saying the battles are fun and look just fantastic with the dazzling neon strobe lighting and beautiful particle effects.

Each boss battle features a giant mechanical monster



The combat mechanics have been well-designed to match the high-speed battles. They are very accessible with a great set of abilities that players can easily master.

The main mechanism is to keep a watchful eye on the Lightkeeper’s power bar which is needed for any action. The flight controls work beautifully and allow for easy traversal and excellent aerial battles.

Players will be able to add other moves to their arsenal that elevate the strategies that can be devised. The only annoying issue is the camera, which can be slightly frustrating at times.

Apart from battle, there are a few extras such as races and timed battles that players can complete to earn in-game currency.

The Lightkeeper has a decently sized skill tree to bolster Achtli’s existing abilities and learn new ones. Players will also be able to change her appearance in the hair salon, which is a nice additional feature.

There are quite a few collectibles littering the town. The map uses beams of light of different colors to indicate where the side mission and collectibles are scattered.

This takes the element of surprise out of exploration, but I guess you won’t miss a thing that way.


Aztech Forgotten Gods packs a lot into its relatively short playtime, with the boss fights and engaging story being the biggest highlights.

The game could have made do with a few extra features to increase its longevity and justify a second playthrough.

Aztech Forgotten Gods is available on Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch on March 10

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