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Award-winning open-world card adventure Arcanium joins Netflix’s mobile games library

Developer Rogues Games announced this week that it is bringing its third mobile game to Netflix’s service. The new game called Arcanium: Rise of Akhan follows in the studio’s footsteps two previous titles that joined Netflix last month: Card Blast and Wonderputt Forever.

Arcanium: Rise of Akhan is a single-player open-world card adventure game that promises to blend the best of the popular roguelike and deck-building genres into a single package. The game features a fully 3D procedural map that allows players to move around and make strategic choices, which can alter the experience in various ways.

The massive map is divided into several provinces, each with a unique feel and a different set of challenges. Players can choose their heroes and upgrade them between “races” and gradually unlock their full sets of ability cards.

As expected, the game features many unique heroes to unlock, each featuring varying mechanics and themes that will give players plenty of tactical choices. Since this is a card game, each hero comes with a unique starting set of Ability cards that corresponds to one of six classes.

To make it even more addictive, developer Rogue Games has added an RPG-like looting system that consists of powerful artifacts, new ability cards, cross-abilities, and various consumables that will help players on their journey.

Arcanium also offers a little twist that sets it apart from other card games. Although you are allowed to roam freely around the map, the longer you stay in a province, the faster the threat meter will fill and the tougher the enemies will become.

Keep in mind that Arcanium: Rise of Akhan is exclusively available to Netflix members from the service’s official app. It does not offer ads or in-app purchases, but you must have a Netflix subscription to play it. android or iOS.