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Appeal to hit-and-run driver to confess

The family of a motorcyclist injured in a ‘shocking’ hit-and-run in Mosgiel is calling on the driver of a double-cab vehicle to confess.

Adrian McCaughan (48) said he was riding his new Yamaha on Riccarton Rd on his way to the golf course when he was swept away by an ute coming out of Bush Rd at around 11.30am on Sunday.

Mr McCaughan, a project manager, tried to avoid the collision but the ute hit the side of his leg and drove him into a culvert.

Despite the pain, he managed to crawl out of the ditch and was helped by an off-duty nurse who stopped to help him.

Another witness told Mr McCaughan that the ute that hit him stopped for about two seconds and then drove off.

He was a “little bit annoyed” that the driver ran over and didn’t understand why the driver didn’t stop.

The crash was unnecessary despite it being a dangerous intersection, he said.

“Take some time and take a look,” was his message to motorists.

He had already had surgery and a CT scan, but it would still take at least three or four months before he was healed enough to play golf, he said.

Mr McCaughan’s sister Jenny said the news of her brother’s accident ‘didn’t really make my day’.

She heard about it shortly after the accident and arrived at the scene before the emergency services.

She said the crash could have been much worse and her brother told her there was no way the ute driver couldn’t know he had hit the bike.

It was a “shocking” incident and the driver’s failure to stop was an example of irresponsibility, she said.

“Admit it, it’s not rocket science – we all make mistakes” was his message for the ute driver.

She said the ute’s description had recently been updated after receiving camera footage from a local business.

Photos had been passed to the police and the family were now seeking information on an older Hilux model LN106-style black double cab with a dog crate in the back, she said.

Sergeant Boyd Smart, from Dunedin, said Mosgiel Police were investigating the incident.

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