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Anthony Albanese tenant Chrissy Flanagan reveals shocking online trolling abuse

The woman who rents a home owned by Anthony Albanese says she has suffered online abuse since going public with her landlord.

The woman who revealed she had Anthony Albanese as her landlord says she has received shockingly abusive messages since going public with the Labor leader’s rental.

Chrissy Flanagan, who runs a sausage restaurant in Sydney’s mid-west, posted a video on TikTok telling people she was given a 25% rent reduction by Mr Albanese at the start of the pandemic.

She said the Labor leader – who has a large property portfolio – has maintained the cheapest rent for the house she has lived in since.

“He’s just a good guy, he’s a really good guy,” she says in the video.

But since sharing her story, the ‘Albo superfan’ has confessed she’s faced a wave of abuse online from people who think she’s a paid actress for Labor .

She runs The Sausage Factory in Dulwich Hill, in Mr Albanese’s constituency, where she has a sanctuary for “hot Albo”.

She also has a background in communications for politicians and was a campaign assistant for the NSW headquarters of the Australian Labor Party when she finished university in 2003.

But Ms Flanagan said she did not know she was going to rent her new home to Mr Albanese until she signed her lease and saw his name on the document, as she had dealt with an estate agent .

The Labor Party said it did not ask Ms Flanagan to release the video.

“If you are the lying dog who is a Labor staff member, your business is over,” said an abusive message sent to him.

Another message sent to his Facebook read: “What a fucking liar you are!!! caught off guard…love it.

Another person sent an email accusing her of being a “blatant liar” for “Albo money bags”.

“How disgusting to put an article in the news like this,” the email said.

“You have just caused untold damage to struggling landlords across the country who cannot afford to cut rents like ‘Money Bags’ Albo can.

“…No sausages for me, they could be laced. What other untruths did you say.

Another person even gave their business a one-star rating, calling their sausages “overpriced and disappointing.”

In another email, she was called a clown.

“What a clown you are and you showed the Australian public how dumb you are!” It said.

“I hope your business is destroyed and you end up on the streets, clown!” »

Ms Flanagan said since her TikTok video exploded she had received more than 50 messages directly telling her she was disgusting and disgusting.

“I haven’t worked directly for Labor politicians in over a decade,” she said.

She said more recently that she had worked for Lucy Turnbull, the wife of former Liberal Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, as a contractor for the Greater Sydney Commission.

She also worked with and for the Western Parkland Authority last year, where she had regular contact with Liberal NSW Minister Stuart Ayres.

“In my last government job I worked regularly with Stuart Ayres, who I think is a great guy, and I have nothing but admiration and respect for Lucy Turnbull,” she said .

NCA NewsWire has independently confirmed his employment with both organizations and his contact with Mr. Ayres.

“Everyone says I’m a paid actor, which is obviously not true,” Ms. Flanagan said.

“I’m not on anyone’s payroll. I am independent and I have the right to tell the truth.

Ms Flanagan said when she left university she worked for the Australian Labor Party distributing door-to-door voting forms for the local Burwood Council campaign.

After that, she worked for Virginia Judge, the Labor MP for Strathfield, and then Reba Meagher, the Labor Secretary for Fair Trade.

She then worked in government services.

“The vast majority of the past two decades I’ve worked in government, no matter who’s in government,” Ms Flanagan said.

But Ms Flanagan has regularly posted about her sanctuary for ‘Hot Albo’ and does not hide the fact that she is a Labor voter.

In one photo, she poses outside her Albo shrine with a pink knitted sausage.

“I have plans for you, #hotalbo. Knitted sausage plans. I’m at The Sausage Factory all night if you’d like to collaborate on this living sanctuary @AlboMP,” she wrote.

Ms Flanagan said she built her sanctuary after Mr Albanese’s office distributed Hot Albo corflutes to local businesses last campaign.

“Many companies got copies and several still have them,” she said.

“He’s our local and incredibly popular member, I’ve had sanctuary for him for a number of years and no one has objected to him being there.”

Ms Flanagan first posted a selfie with Mr Albanese in 2016.

“I have never met him in my work with any government. I have never worked with the federal government.

“I only met him because he shows up for local businesses and comes to support.”

She said when she collaborated with him on a Democratic sausage, she dealt with his office before he showed up for a press appearance.

“I’m a publicist by trade, so I was looking to take advantage of the Democratic sausage period, it’s about Christmas for sausages,” she said.

“I showed up at his office to do a press conference kicking off Democratic Sausage season.”

She said on another occasion that she was doing a sausage-making demonstration at a local festival and Mr Albanese ran him over and took over for the cameras.

“Before, I met him several times at the pub. I wouldn’t have spoken to him for more than 15 minutes in that time,” she said.

“I never had dinner with him, I never hung out with him. I would like to be his friend, he’s a cool guy.

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