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Andrea Jenkyns hits back after being filmed swearing after ‘barking at the crowd’ | Politics | New

Sharing a statement on Twitter, Jenkyns wrote: “On Thursday afternoon I went to Downing Street to watch the Prime Minister’s resignation speech. A screaming crowd outside the gates were insulting MPs as they walked in, sadly all too common .of abuse from some of the people who were there over the years, and I also received seven death threats in the last 4 years.

“Two of which have been in recent weeks and are currently under investigation by the police, I was breathless.

“I responded and defended myself. Why should anyone put up with this kind of treatment. I should have shown more composure, but [I] am only human.”

The pro-Brexit MP gave the middle finger to Boris Johnson protesters after his resignation.

She also shouted “wait and see” to crowds who turned out to see her resign.

Since Thursday’s incident, Jenkyns has been given the role of education minister.

She tweeted: “I am honored to serve the Prime Minister as Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Education.

“Our education and care systems help shape the next generation and lay the foundations for the future.”

Angry skeptics responded with comments such as “I can’t wait for you to teach our children manners.”

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In response to his statement, one user wrote: ‘An apology straight out of the school of Boris Johnson apologies. In fact, there isn’t even an apology.’

Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu slammed the MP, writing: ‘Clearly not an apology Andrea Jenkyns. Why do #Tories think bad behavior in public service can be excused as ‘humane’? Boris Johnson’s pathological lie has been treated as such. You owe the public an apology as Minister for Education.”

But some have come to her defence, with journalist Sophie Corcoran writing: “Don’t apologize, if they give it to you, you have every right to give it back. No one has the inalienable right to be rude to someone , regardless of status. or a job.”