Adult Friend Finder Online Login Service Hacked, Again! Over 400 million risky accounts

A massive cyber attack targeting the websites of adult entertainment company Friend Finder Network left the user accounts of more than 412 million accounts at risk.

In what is considered one of the biggest online security holes of all time, the hack includes more than 339 million accounts for, whose tagline is “Hook up, find sex, or meet someone.” one special now ”.

By comparison, the Ashley Madison Security Breach which took place in 2015, saw hackers demand the closure of the unfaithful partner website or face the release of the personal information of its 37 million members.

The hackers who carried out the attack, which took place in October, said they exploited vulnerabilities in the production server module of Adult Friend Finder and also gained access to other websites belonging to the Friend Finder network.

According to Leak source, other websites compromised in the hack include,,, and, as well as another unidentified website. would have 62 million user accounts, while would have around 7 million.

It’s also worth noting that Friend Finder sold the website earlier this year, but users’ login information was still stored on its servers.

iCams and have around one million user accounts each, putting a total of 412 million user accounts at risk – data that has been collected for almost 20 years.

Leaked Source further reported that passwords are stored in plain text or with very weak encryption, increasing the chances that the data could be misused. ZDNet tech site also confirmed the data to be genuine.

Incredibly, this is not the first time the company has suffered a major security breach.

In May 2015, a Channel 4 investigation in the UK discovered that hackers had fled 3.9 million user accounts by Adult Friend Finder.

If you have registered on one of the websites mentioned above and you are likely to use the same login information on other sites, you should immediately update your password.

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