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Adult children helping aging parents get COVID-19 shots say process frustrating

WAKE FOREST, NC (WTVD) – Elliot Lochansky of Wake Forest lost his mother to COVID-19 just two weeks ago. She was living in a nursing home and he said he found out “after the fact” that she probably had the coronavirus. “It was more of a nursing home problem,” he said.

Nonetheless, Lochansky set out to register his 78-year-old father to receive the vaccine, as his father lacks the computer skills to navigate the appropriate websites.

“I could give him the phone number and he could make that call over and over again,” Elliot said, instead of using the Internet. “I feel like it might be easier for the elderly to be able to do this.”

Many other adult children are frustrated with having their parents enrolled in vaccines.

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“I’m really struggling to get my 67-year-old parents vaccinated against COVID,” said a woman from Durham.

Another woman told ABC11: “It’s so frustrating and disorganized. I don’t see why primary care physicians couldn’t administer the test to their patients.”

She said her aunt was 72 and had diabetes and high blood pressure.

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Lochansky said the only thing his father knew how to do was check his bank account and visit the NC Lottery website.

“These are the two things he can do without help,” Lochansky said. “After that, he logs off.

“For a lot of people whose parents are out of state and there is no close family… I can’t imagine how difficult it is to organize them,” Lochansky added.

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