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A Wonderful Morning at Disney California Adventure

It was a beautiful morning at Disney California Adventure today. I admit it, I’m more of a night owl than an early riser. Although my schedule often dictates otherwise, when I have an unplanned day, I would be more inclined to go to the parks later and stay later. However, today is different. This morning, Scarlet Witch was meeting guests at Disney California Adventure’s Avengers Campus and it looks like she’s quite an early riser!

For this reason, I got up earlier this morning and drove to the Disneyland Resort to stop at Avengers Campus and see Scarlet Witch. I traveled very light with just a camera and a phone. No bag. No phone charger. Just a mission to go see Scarlet Witch and maybe have a cup of coffee!

I arrived shortly after the park opened and immediately started meeting old friends. There are few better ways to start a Disney day than this. As I progressed through Disney California Adventure, I found myself forgetting that I had a camera with me and just enjoying the park and soaking up the ambiance. In Avengers Campus, Spider-Man played with a robot spider while Captain Marvel and Doctor Strange chatted near the ancient shrine. Two little boys and their parents sat playing with a Scarlet Witch action figure waiting for her likeness to arrive.

She finally arrived and a line quickly formed. Every guest who met her received her full attention and magical moments were created. The story came alive with every guest who encountered it. Watching these interactions made me aware of so many other similar interactions happening on campus as well. Captain Marvel was in one corner, Wasp in another. Iron Man was chatting all day with young fans next to the Avengers logo.

The big part of wandering so early was how relaxed and relatively empty the park was. Add to that the beautiful morning light and it was easy to get absorbed in the magic happening all around. Elsewhere in the park, families excitedly planned their day and ran to different destinations.

I found myself wandering around Disney California Adventure and getting lost in the experience of just being there. I continued to simply enjoy the calm of the morning. Some areas of the park were completely empty. Others, like Fiddler, Fifer and Practical Pig (Starbucks) had it all. Everything was beautiful.

Eventually, I returned to Avengers Campus. The sun was starting to rise higher, the crowds were starting to get bigger, and I now found myself looking through my camera lens a lot more as I watched these Marvel characters again make some people’s day absolutely wonderful (not sorry for the pun). More and more people started flocking to Avengers Campus and I realized it was a special morning that I had been privileged to have.

Very often when you go to the Disney parks there is an agenda and a rush to get as much time in the day as possible. It’s a fun way to do Disney and it’s definitely magical. This morning was a good reminder, however, of how nice it is to slow down and just experience the magic happening all around. So many stories don’t fold that we run without even realizing it. So many picturesque scenes can be seen if we take the time to slow down and look at them.

Today was a wonderful day to walk around Disney California Adventure and Avengers Campus and just enjoy being there. There were incredible moments that happened around me, many of which I just observed and did not photograph. Others I photographed (as can be seen in the photos below). But mostly, I just liked to slow down and enjoy what was happening around me. I hope today is a good reminder for me to do this more often in the future and enjoy the magic as it happens in the parks.

What are some of your favorite magical moments that you just got to step back from while living and enjoying them? Share some of your favorites in the comments below!