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A welcome return to the classic action adventure

Tunic is an action-adventure game featuring an adorable fox, lots of secrets to uncover, challenging encounters with enemies, and lots of exploration.

Action-adventure game Tunic, developed by Andrew Shouldice and published by FINJI, offers an exciting and challenging experience as an adorable fox fights his way through various dungeons. There are plenty of secrets and hidden areas to discover, many of which can be found as post-game content. Tunic encourages players to think outside the box and explore each area thoroughly to find every possible advantage before facing the bosses.

Tunic is about a little fox who must fight his way through increasingly powerful enemies and bosses as he explores a foreign land. The fox must find materials and equipment, such as a sword and shield, and use them to defeat wandering enemies and difficult bosses. There are also a large number of hidden paths to discover while moving through the overworld and each dungeon. As the story progresses and more features are unlocked, the main objective becomes clearer.


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To defeat enemies, the fox must gather equipment that allows him to fight with melee strikes and ranged magic attacks. Some enemies are more susceptible to magic damage, but melee attacks with the sword seem to do the most damage regardless of the enemy you’re fighting. Magic attacks consist of freezing enemies or blasting them with short and long range attacks. Magic, like health and stamina, is limited. However, all three, as well as attack and defense stats, can be increased with upgrades.

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Every stat in Tunic has an associated specific upgrade item that can be gifted to one of the fox statues. Upgrades will cost more for higher tiers. Upgrade items can be collected early in Tunic depending on the amount of available areas that are explored. The map is open, but some areas require certain special in-game equipment, such as a grappling hook, to reach. Methods of progression, like finding the special gear, will likely be unclear until parts of the instruction booklet are put together.

At the beginning of Tunic, it’s easy to feel lost or unsure of the goal. However, finding new mechanics and paths to explore is part of the fun. Instead of random collectibles that serve no purpose, TunicThe pages of the instruction manual should be collected. Hidden features and game mechanics can be used right from the start, but without the instruction pages, it’s hard to know what to do. Even with the pages, there is some deciphering involved as most of the instructions are written in a language created for the game. The manual also includes maps of each major area. Once a map is obtained, it can be viewed in the instruction booklet and the location of the fox will be marked there.

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Tunic plays like a classic action-adventure game similar to the original The Legend of Zelda. There are dungeons to explore as you traverse the overworld, and each area can be visited in any order. However, some dungeons are much harder than others and are best saved for the end game when all available gear and upgrades are collected. Tunic has a good balance between confusing sections and rewarding fights that drive the story forward. Even though there are difficult challenges and boss fights, Tunic gives players everything they need to complete the game, even if it means going back and finding an upgrade or new ability before attempting a boss again.

There are many interesting and dangerous places in Tunic which provide enough diversity to keep the game exciting throughout. The fixed camera angle makes it easy to miss hidden areas, like a path behind a waterfall or a room around the corner, but discover new sections of Tunic is part of what makes it so fun. The possibility that everything can be cleverly hidden just out of sight makes exploring interesting. Tunic is a very enjoyable action-adventure game that does a good job of honoring some of the classic titles it draws inspiration from.

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Tunic will be released on March 16, 2022 on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, macOS and PC. Screen Rant received a digital Steam download code for the purposes of this review.

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4 out of 5 (Excellent)

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