Dash cam

A near frontal collision captured on Dash Cam in Portland

I-295 has been making headlines for the past few weeks. Mainly due to two large-scale projects which closed off portions of the busy freeway and left motorists scrambling for different routes. Sometimes these titles bury other important stories. Like the terrifying near-frontal collision captured on the dash cam and shared on Reddit by GramboI.

The short video begins with what appears to be a very ordinary trip along the Veterans Memorial Bridge. The driver with the dash cam is heading towards Portland and is about to make a turn towards South Portland and hop onto Route 1. Most drivers who have traveled the route will know that the speeds along the Veterans Memorial Bridge can sometimes exceed 50 mph despite the set speed limit. . It’s a good thing the driver in this video seems to be slowing down when entering a left turn.

That’s because they only had a split second to recognize that an oncoming driver was approaching at a decent speed. The shrewd driver with the dash cam quickly slams on the brakes and pulls into a marginal vent lane. The bad driver doesn’t seem to slow down at all. The video is dated March 25, 2022, but it does not appear that any serious injuries or arrests were caused by this particular incident.

Contraflow driving incidents in Maine have cropped up far too frequently in recent years, with very little explanation as to why an increase in unsafe practices has taken place.

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