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A member of the Oxford Mail Camera Club catches a cheeky squirrel stealing seeds

A cheeky squirrel was filmed flying off with a bird feeder.

The pint-sized bandit was caught in the act by Oxford Mail Camera Club member Stephen Pimm, who shared evidence of the small rodent’s theft in the Facebook group.

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Mr Pimm captioned the images: ‘Don’t think this bird feeder is a squirrel [squirrel emoji] evidence [laughing emoji].

Photo: Stephen Pimm

Photographs show the gray squirrel trying to escape the crime scene with the bird feeder in hand.

However, the feeder seemed to be slightly too big for the squirrel to carry properly, making a less than nimble jaunt.

In 2018, The Guardian reported that squirrels raid up to half of bird seed in UK gardens, leaving our native feathered friends harmed.

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