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9 unpopular opinions on Super Mario games, according to Reddit

super mario bros. is by far the most successful Nintendo franchise. The adventures of Mario and his friends have entertained audiences for thirty-six years, and they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. Fans still seem to love the games, despite their somewhat stereotypical premise.

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However, not everyone is crazy about the Mario series. In fact, some fans have rather unpopular opinions about the game, and they look to Reddit to express them. And while not all of them are inherently negative, these are certainly not the views most other fans would have.

9 All new Super Mario Bros. games are the same

New Super Mario Bros

The New Super Mario the games share a similar DNA, including the same characters, builds, and conflicts. Still, the franchise has made an effort to diversify its storylines, especially in recent years. So the Mario the universe remains, even if it is not always fresh.

However, the changes to the franchise are not enough for Redditor jzorbino. In their mind, the games are just too similar to each other. “If you play one or two, that’s enough.” However, the franchise has introduced some very innovative titles, like Galaxy and Odyssey, so it’s safe to say that the Redditor might be alone on this one.

8 New Super Mario games are too bland

New Super Mario Bros DS

Almost any fan could describe the Mario also familiar games, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Most players return to the franchise because they know what they’ll get: a fun, colorful, thrilling and healthy adventure unlike any other in the gaming world.

This is not the case for Reddit user luckyjes112; in their opinion, the games are incredibly bland. “None are particularly revolutionary or even interesting.” To each their own, but the multiplayer aspect of the games is enough to contradict the “bland” argument, while the visuals can overturn the “uninteresting” claim.

7 Super Mario Bros. 3 has bland visuals

Super Mario Bros 3

Widely regarded as one of the best games of all time, Super Mario Bros 3 was released in 1990, receiving universal praise from critics and fans alike. Its reputation carries to this day, and it is one of the best Mario games that everyone should play at least once.

However, not all gamers share the same love for the game. Indeed, some cannot forget how dated it is, like Reddit user Beedle_Boi. “Honestly, the bland visuals made me a bit squeamish.” Understandably, an NES game released thirty-one years ago would seem a bit outdated, but not playing it because of it misses out on one of the best titles in video game history.

6 Super Mario Odyssey is no fun

Super Mario Odyssey Easter Eggs in Mushroom Kingdom

As Super Mario Bros 3, Odyssey often ranks among the best Mario titles ever and one of the best games of the new millennium. Gamers and critics have called it an almost perfect game, praising its inventiveness. Indeed, in a franchise renowned for its familiarity, Odyssey felt like a breath of fresh air.

Not at Redditor Darpyface, however. For them, Odyssey was “no fun”. The user criticizes everything from the camera to the fighting style, calling the whole experience “boring”. Considering Super Mario Odyssey Full of exciting realms to explore, items to collect, and characters to meet, it is clear that the user is one of the few who considers the game to be “boring”.

5 Super Mario Odyssey visuals are bad

Super Mario Odyssey's Weirdest Easter Eggs in New Donk City

The inclusion of normal-looking humans has always been a divisive issue in the Mario community. Some think they don’t seem out of place, while others think it’s not that bad.

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However, for some fans, this is a make or break situation. Reddit user Neon_Biscuit is one of those fans because they think the human characters ruined the experience. “The visuals are so shocking,” the user says, further criticizing Metro City and the jazz players. OdysseyThe visual style of might not be for everyone, but to call it jarring is an exaggeration.

4 Super Mario Sunshine can’t hold up

Every 3D Mario design ranked Super Mario Sunshine

Super Mario Sun is one of the most controversial games in the franchise. The game received critical acclaim at the time of its release, with critics praising the graphics and the inclusion of the now infamous FLUDD reception in the game has remained mostly positive, but the game has a lot more enemies than ever before. These days.

Concrete example, Redditor Iblaise, who thinks the game is not as good as any other 3D Mario. The user thinks the game “hasn’t aged very well” and criticizes the physics, duration and music. Based on the negative votes, it’s clear the fandom doesn’t agree with the user. Indeed, the consensus is that Sunshine is one of the few GameCube titles to hold up.

3 Super Mario Sunshine is better than Mario 64

Super Mario 64 cover

Super Mario 64 often ranks very high in any list of Mario Games. It’s also one of the most groundbreaking titles in video game history, thanks to the inclusion of the dynamic 360 camera. Indeed, Mario 64 occupies a privileged place in the community, with many considering it to be one of the top 3 games in the franchise.

Reddit user TjalfeTheMemeNoobLol doesn’t think so 64 is that good, however. Indeed, the user thinks that Sunshine is much better, offering a more cohesive adventure, while 64The levels are “floating islands filled with random things that don’t really make sense.” Because the games are so similar, fans of the franchise usually compare one Mario title with another. However, Super Mario 64 has large, creative and unique stages providing an exciting gameplay experience that still stands the test of time.

2 Super Mario Galaxy feels like a chore

Super Mario Galaxy floating with star

If there is one Mario title that seems to be universally loved is Super mario galaxy. The story, music, gameplay, and graphics of the game are all among the best in the franchise, pushing the series further than ever before. In short, Galaxy is the perfect example of why the franchise remains popular to this day.

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However, a few selected fans don’t like Galaxy, considering it overdone and boring. In a threat discussing their unpopular Galaxy Opinions, the eggplanes of Reddit users go so far as to say that gambling “seemed like a chore to do.” The user describes the levels as “uninspiring”, criticizing the “racing” aspect of most of the stages. Since the users themselves agree that their opinions are unpopular, it is safe to say Galaxythe reputation of is not in danger.

1 Super Mario 3D World is not a main Mario game

The gang of Super Mario 3D World all jump together.

World of Super Mario 3D premiered in 2013, critically acclaimed for its creativity, replay value and story. Addition to the game mechanics introduced in Super Mario 3D Land, World of Super Mario 3D features several playable characters, including Rosalina and Bowser Jr.

The game has a positive reputation in the community, but some fans didn’t like its whimsical nature. Redditor Justice_Prince goes to the extreme, saying they don’t consider 3d world Where New Super Mario Bros U be the main line Mario Games. “As far as I’m concerned, the Wii U is the first Nintendo console that doesn’t have a mainline. Mario game. “Strong words, sure, but the games still exist and are still part of the continuity of the series, as other users say in the comments.

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