9 Star Wars: The High Republic Heroes Who Aren’t Jedi

Project Manager. Technician. Pilot. They may not hold the title of Jedi or have incredible Force powers at their fingertips, but these brave heroes have their own bravery and skills that are vital to the galaxy from afar. Whether they are saving lives with their sharp wits, working tirelessly to unite the Republic, or simply deciding to do the right thing, these ordinary nine people have made an extraordinary difference in the world. High Republic.

Let’s meet these everyday heroes.

Warning: slight spoilers for the first and second waves of The High Republic follow.

Affie Sanctuary

Affie Hallow, 17, was the co-pilot of the Ship, a ship tasked with taking a group of Jedi to Starlight Beacon. She wore overalls, neat and ironed, with a star-shaped patch on the sleeve. The Ship was a ship of the Byne Guild, which was run by Affie’s foster mother.

When debris in hyperspace severed their wing, Affie repaired the coaxium regulator before the ship was destroyed. They traveled in one piece to a nearby space station. Neither the Ships neither the crew nor their passengers were prepared for what they would find there. Before escaping, Affie bravely risked his own life to save the Jedi. When she later found out that her adoptive mother was deliberately putting Guild members in danger, it took even more courage to do the right thing and face her.

Joss and Pikka Adren

A happy married couple, Joss and Pikka Adren were experienced project managers in large-scale construction work, such as the Starlight beacon space station. After completing their work there – and avoiding disaster – the couple were preparing for a much-needed vacation when an even bigger disaster struck.

Joss and Pikka were experienced and willing to do whatever it took to get the job done. They risked their lives and volunteered to help during the hyperspace disaster over the planet Hetzal. On board the Longbeam ship Aurora III, the Adren teamed up with the Jedi on a precarious maneuver that saved billions.

Avon Starros

Avon Starros

Avon Starros was an inventor and the daughter of a Coruscant politician. A girl with a rebellious side, Avon didn’t like being told no. She used her scientific mind and engineering skills to work on ideas such as creating anti-gravity shoe inserts and reprogramming a droid to form her own personality. She liked to know not only how something worked, but why, and sometimes made reckless efforts to find out.

Jedi knight Vernestra Rwoh has been tasked with keeping an eye on the mischievous inventor. When a Nihil The plot stranded the Jedi, Avon, and others on a perilous planet, the spirit of Avon (and the reprogrammed droid) helped the group report a rescue to the Republic. And her kindness helped comfort her new friends.

Concept art of Chancellor Lina Soh and her pet targons.

Chancellor Lina Soh

Lina soh has dedicated his political career to bringing light to the galaxy. As Chancellor, she oversaw several projects as part of her Great Works initiative. One of them was the construction of Starlight Beacon; others included improving communication relays, developing bacta and medical facilities, and organizing the Republic Fair. She believed that unity was the key to achieving all of these lofty goals.

Lina was always accompanied by her faithful targons, large feline beasts, named Matari and Voru. She found comfort in their company.

Rhil dairo

Rhil dairo

Respected HoloNet journalist Rhil Dairo had a front row seat when disaster struck Republic Fair. Originally on a mission to cover for Jedi Master Stellan Gios, Nihil’s attack on Valo became the story of the time – and Rhil was there to record it all.

Rhil began his career as a Cub journalist on Cardota. She later became a seasoned journalist so devoted to her work that she obtained a cybernetic lens implant. His companion camera droid T-9 had a matching lens and a direct neural link to Rhil.

Rhil was not prone to hyperbole; she was curious and observant. She’s also tough, a quality she needed when the Nihil hit.

Keven Farr

Countless lives have been saved by an unconventional plan of a brilliant Hetzal Prime technician named Keven Farr. He believed in systems and rules and enjoyed working within them.

During the hyperspace disaster, Keven monitored data streams to track damage from the impact. Rather than evacuate his seemingly doomed planet, Keven remained at his post and decided to spread the rescue efforts across the galaxy. He wanted his house to be remembered. Residents of hundreds of worlds cheered as they watched the Jedi unite to save Hetzal.

Once the immediate threat passed, Keven suggested linking thousands of navidroids to predict where debris might emerge from hyperspace next. The jury-rigged network worked and Keven was able to determine which systems would be in jeopardy next.

Sylverstri Yarrow Concept Art

Sylvestri Millefeuille

The fiercely independent ship captain Syl Yarrow has not had it easy. After the loss of her mother, she struggled to make ends meet in their business of transporting goods across the galaxy. To top it off, she was forced to give up the Go back, her ship, and her payload when she encountered the Nihil in a seldom-used sector of space.

His determination to recover his ship led him to Coruscant and a completely unexpected adventure. The fiery pilot didn’t like to trust anyone, not even the Jedi, but she would do anything to get her ship back.

One of Syl’s most trusted companions was Beti – his modified blaster rifle.


Velko Jahen

If you needed to do something on Starlight Beacon, Velko Jahen was the one who could do it.

The hardworking administrator of the station, Velko got a lot more than she bargained for when she took on the job. From a brawl at the Galactic Farming Alliance Symposium to find the culprit of an assassination attempt, there has never been a dull day on Starlight Beacon.

She was used to a busy life. Velko spent most of his days before Starlight in the trenches, waging an endless war on his home planet of Soika. She was dedicated, reliable and level-headed – and the Jedi were lucky to have her.

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