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$85,000 in grants for photojournalists made available by Getty

Getty Images announced that it will support photographers, videographers and organizations that report on inclusive and sensitive topics, with the aim of strengthening the power of photography as a journalistic medium and promoting diversity.

Grants may be requested by documentary photographers and visual journalists who report on stories such as forced displacement and human rights abuses, deliver workshops and educational initiatives, as well as advocate for diversity in media.

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The launch of its annual Photojournalism Grants exists for Getty to support individual photographers and nonprofits around the world whose work sheds light on important issues of our time and enables documentary photography as a medium.

The Editorial Grants are part of Getty’s wider grants scheme, which has donated more than $1.8m (about £1.4m) to photographers and videographers around the world since its launch there. is over 15 years old.

Getty offers a total of 13 separate grants to photographers and content creators undertaking specific work contributing to important factors. There are different terms and conditions for each grant and their amount is different. Two $15,000 (£11,400) project-based grants will be awarded to organizations that support documentary photography and its practitioners, either through audience engagement or professional development, under the Editorial Grant from Getty for photography programs for educational programs, workshops and exhibitions..

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Vice President of Global News at Getty Images, Pancho Bernasconi, shares: “We are deeply grateful to the photographers and videographers who each day shine a light on some of the most moving and meaningful moments of our time, it is our honor to be able to further support and foster this, by providing funding to highlight important and challenging international issues – issues which, without funding, might otherwise remain invisible.

Getty is also offering three grants of $5,000 (£3,800) each to photographers and videographers who report stories surrounding forced displacement. As part of the Editorial Photography Grant and in an effort to support in-depth photojournalism, visual journalists are encouraged to shed light on the subject of those forced to flee their homes due to persecution, conflict, violence, human rights violations, climate change and other events that could seriously disturb public order.

In partnership with Women Photograph and Diversify Photo, Getty will cumulatively offer eight grants of $5,000 to editorial photographers and videographers residing in different professional specialties, such as news, sports and entertainment. These inclusion grants are open to photographers worldwide with the aim of promoting greater diversity and inclusion within the photography and media industries.

Applications for these grants are now open and the deadline appears to be May 15, 2022 for most applicants. For more information, be sure to visit the Getty Images grants website and its partner websites for full terms and conditions.

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