Dash cam

70mai M500 high-end dash cam will be launched soon

The dashboard camera is today more or less a mandatory technical accessory for your car. It can help in a number of ways and make life easier for your driver. Need to save your journeys in case of an accident or a problem? To verify. Maybe a parking monitor? To verify. Or possibly night vision capabilities. To verify. This is something that most of the best models can offer you on a daily basis. But some high-end ones can even go beyond that. Like the next 70mai M500, which is about to be launched.

70mai M500 is a dash cam for true professionals, who don’t want to settle for less. Its 5MP sensor can record in 1944p resolution (2592 x 1944 pixels), which is 2.5 times clearer than regular 1080p FHD cameras. And with 170° extra-wide FOV, you will minimize blind spots and expand your view. With f/2.0 aperture and HDR technology, you can also enjoy excellent night vision experience besides that. Thanks to the built-in eMMC storage, you can also say goodbye to problematic SD cards. No more dropped frames, read errors or jerky performance.

Another huge bonus comes with the fully functional 24 hour parking surveillance feature. With Accelerated Recording, you can reduce long hours to minutes and protect your car. The built-in GPS and Glonass positioning system is another plus, giving you access to real-time trip data, including speed and coordinates. Add in the industry’s first Bluetooth tire monitoring and voice control options and you have a pretty powerful tool at your disposal.

The new 70mai M500 high-end dash cam is launched worldwide on May 10th and you can take advantage of the first early bird promotion on Amazon. There will be a 15% discount for the first days of sale until May 12, so it’s definitely worth grabbing one. If you are looking for a perfect dash cam brimming with premium features, then this is the one for you. You can find more information about it here.