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70mai M500 Dash Cam

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On-board cameras have been a trendy category for a few years. Many customers use them to record their daily trips and use the video files in case of an unexpected accident. Insurance companies generally consider these videos in the event of an accident.

the 70mai M500 Dash Cam is not just a powerful dashcam. It also acts as a smart driving assistant to support recording. It has a few unique selling points, including excellent image quality with its 1944P resolution and High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology, with added security provided by its parking monitoring and emergency recording. Unlike many other competitors, it also comes with built-in eMMC storage.

Some additional options include Bluetooth tire pressure monitoring system expansion as well as voice commands and parking protection and ADAS.

70mai M500 Dash Cam

The 70mai M500 dash cam is a professional and intelligent dash cam that features excellent 1944P high resolution image quality, 170° wide field of view and true 24-hour parking monitoring. These are key features extrapolated from the device, as it is one of the few dashcam solutions offering a 170° field of view and an F2.0 aperture. It also has a smart algorithm to enable time-lapse recording and additional innovative features of Bluetooth tire monitoring, eMMC built-in storage and voice control. One of the cool features many know about Tesla cars is 24-hour active parking monitoring with time-lapse recording. Once the sudden shaking is detected, it can also start emergency recording with G-sensor.


1944P resolution

1944P or 2592x1944P, to be precise, is equivalent to a 5 megapixel camera, according to the 70mai which creates images 2.5 times clearer than 1080PHD. The 170 degrees of extra wide field of view will introduce a wider viewing angle and minimize blind spots. The M500 camera also improves low-light performance with the F2.0 aperture with high dynamic range (HDR), letting more light through the lens and creating brighter low-light scenes. HDR Imaging automatically adjusts exposure in different lighting conditions, consistently producing well-lit images. HDR technology also captures detail in low and high light areas and produces evenly exposed images in high contrast lighting.


Emergency recording

As soon as a sudden shake is detected on a built-in G-sensor, the 70mai Dash Cam M500 automatically starts recording. This will ensure that critical evidence of the unexpected event has been saved. Emergency videos are automatically locked in the dash cam’s “event folder” to prevent overwriting. Emergency recording will help drivers explain to authorities and insurance companies what exactly happened.


24-hour guarded parking.

It will be activated when the vehicle is stationary. The built-in G-sensor initiates automatic recording when sudden shakes or collisions are detected. Many users know this from Tesla videos which can record burglaries, broken windows or vandalism.


In case of emergency video recording, the driver will be notified by voice alert after getting back into the car and starting the camera. No connectivity option can notify you via GSM network. All emergency parking surveillance videos will be automatically saved and end up locked in the “events folder” to prevent overwriting.

Accelerated registration

Time-lapse has been a popular feature for a dash cam user, and it will compress 30 minutes of footage into one minute which will only use 1/30 of the storage space. Hours of surveillance footage are compressed into minutes, making it quicker to catch an important event.

The 70mai Dash Cam M500 also improves position accuracy as it comes with an integrated GPS and GLONASS sensor with route tracking. The M500’s positioning system receives signals from GPS and GLONASS satellites, providing better data accuracy. Users have access to real-time trip data, including speed and coordinates, and are able to pinpoint the exact location of an accident should it occur. Route tracking automatically plots your driving route, available for review in the 70mai app after each ride.

Extended Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

This feature will bring ADAS to some older vehicles. ADAS will make sure to track and detect the surroundings and notify you of potential security issues with real-time voice alerts. The camera supports detection of lane departures, moving traffic, forward collisions and collisions with pedestrians. Pedestrian Collision Warning AI algorithm provides fast and accurate detection of pedestrians and cyclists in the same lane and gives you timely warnings to prevent accidents.


Faster storage

eMMC 5.1 storage with write speeds up to 150MB/s and read speed up to 230MB/s should last much longer than SD and TF memory cards. eMMC will bring stable performance to ensure that the frame will not be dropped during a critical event. The 70mai Dash Cam M500 does not require an external SD card or additional cost. It is ready to go out of the box. Easy removal of the camera body allows for quick downloading of images to your computer.


Tire pressure monitoring and voice alert

The device supports an external pressure monitor via sensors sold separately. The M500 provides voice alerts when sensors detect abnormal tire pressure. The M500 receives Bluetooth signals directly from TPMS sensors and does not require a receiver. The sensors are dust and water resistant and created to measure and last a long time with precision.

Wi-Fi enabled voice command

Voice control such as taking photo or recording video is enabled in English. Voice control will help you take a photo or record a video without taking your hands off the wheel.

Loop recording will prevent memory full as new recording will automatically overwrite old footage when memory reaches full capacity. Emergency recordings are saved separately and cannot be overwritten.

May 70 app

The app will connect the camera via WiFi and allow additional controls including taking photos, viewing albums or downloading recorded footage. The app allows you to manage settings such as recording duration (1min/2min/3min), G-sensor sensitivity (high/low/off), automatic shutdown after the car (5 min/10 min/20 min/never).

The phone app will also offer data and effects overlay, as you may have seen with Tesla and some other ADAS cars. Available data and effects include speed, real-time altitude, driving direction, acceleration/deceleration, left and right turns, climb and descent, roll angle, highlight lane markings, pedestrians, traffic ahead, speed limit signs and green lights. Data and effect overlay video effects will bring some ADAS to old car modes through your phone.

70mai Dash Cam M500 supports English, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Polish, French, German, Czech, Romanian and Thai. It also comes with a 500mAh battery, more than double what it offered with the predecessor M300 model.

The camera comes with three storage options 32GB, 64GB and 128GB. The 70mai Dash Cam M500 with 128GB is available to our readers at 15% off retail price here.

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70Mai M500 Dash Cam