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35-year-old woman raped by online friend, mutual friend stalks her | Ahmedabad News

Ahmedabad: A 35-year-old woman from the city’s Akhbarnagar district filed a complaint with Vadaj police on Saturday alleging that a 32-year-old man from Gandhinagar raped her, threatening to make her private photos go viral. She said that when their mutual friend found out, he also harassed her and also demanded to have sex with him.
The woman said in her FIR that she was introduced to Defendant Parth Panchal of Kalol town in Gandhinagar in 2019 via Facebook.

She said he sent her a friend request and when she accepted, he started looking for her cell phone number. A month later, he asked her to meet him in Vadaj area and she went to meet him.
During their meeting, Panchal clicked on her photos without her knowledge. After a week, he called her and told her to meet again. This time, he took her to a guest house because, according to him, if someone saw her with another man, she would have problems in society.
After talking for a few minutes, Panchal told her that he had clicked on her photos when they last met and demanded to have sex and threatened to go viral to defame her if she refused. With such a threat, he allegedly raped her at Vadaj’s guesthouse.
Panchal had placed his phone camera in the room to record the deed. Using this video, he raped her again at another guesthouse in the Infocity area of ​​Gandhinagar.
The woman said that Panchal started asking her for nude pictures and even sent his wife’s nude pictures saying he wanted such pictures of her.
Meanwhile, another man named Kishan Chauhan from Vadaj, who was their mutual friend, knew that Panchal had stored the woman’s nude photos and videos. He also began following the complainant and seeking to have sex with her.
Depressed by the pressure exerted by the two men, she spoke about it to her husband who convinced her to lodge a complaint with the police against them.
The woman then filed a complaint of rape, criminal intimidation, sexual harassment and criminal harassment against Panchal and Chauhan with the Vadaj police.