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2023 Chevrolet Colorado Revealed, Ready for Off-Road Adventure

Midsize trucks are experiencing a renaissance. We’ve already seen the long-awaited new Nissan Frontier, and we know a new Ford Ranger will be here soon; now Chevy is here with the all-new 2023 Colorado.

Alright, “all new” might push it a bit; GM reportedly torpedoed an all-new midsize truck platform for Colorado and a Wrangler/Bronco competitor to cut costs. But the new Colorado is vastly improved in ways that should make it one of the most compelling offerings in the segment. It’s up to you, Toyota.

The 2023 Colorado has one engine, but three powers

Chevy simplified the Colorado engine line. It gets an engine, the “2.7-liter Turbo,” which Chevy won’t say is a four-cylinder. It comes in a base version (237 hp, 259 lb-ft), a Turbo Plus version (310 hp, 390 lb-ft) and a High Output version for the ZR2 (310 hp and 430 lb-ft).

That engine is paired with what Chevy calls the “second generation” eight-speed automatic transmission, which has been retuned for better performance and downshifts. As GM aims to achieve zero emissions by 2035, this may be Chevy’s last combustion Colorado.

The Chevy Colorado now has THREE off-road trims

Off-roading is a key draw for mid-size trucks. Chevy is leaning into that with three off-road versions for the new Colorado – each standard with finally the Turbo Plus engine. The Z71 is an off-road version of the standard truck with 8.9 inches.

The Trail Boss adds a two-inch suspension lift and a three-inch wider track for 9.5 inches of ground clearance. The ZR2 keeps the track wider (technically 0.1 inches wider), gets a three-inch suspension lift and Multimatic DSSV shocks. It has approach angles of 38.3°, rollover of 24.6° and departure angles of 25.1°. A Desert Boss package for the ZR2 adds more protection and beadlock wheels.

The Colorado uses Off-Road, Terrain and Baja riding modes. It is equipped with ten cameras, including standard underbody cameras on the Z71 and ZR2. Chevy offers over 200 accessories at launch.

The Colorado will have a cool tailgate

Chevy isn’t giving the Colorado the MultiPro tailgate. But the midsize truck gets a cool new tailgate with useful features. The tailgate will get a 45-inch-wide, 4-inch-deep storage compartment that’s waterproof and drainable for use as a cooler.

Up to 17 available bed ties and pockets allow you to create customizable three-tier storage. The Colorado also has grooves in the bed wall for motorcycles and bicycles and the ability to drive with the tailgate half open.

The Colorado gets a nicer interior

Chevy modernizes Colorado’s interior. The brand says buyers will be able to choose between four unique interior trims. And Chevy offers Colorado an optional 11.3-inch touchscreen paired with an eight-inch digital instrument display

Yeah, the new Colorado can do some truck stuff

Trucks equipped with the Turbo Plus engine are designed to tow up to 7,700 lbs. That drops to 6,000 pounds with the ZR2 and 3,500 pounds with the base engine. Chevy has a new towing app with Hitch Guidance and Hitch View. The WT and LT Colorados can handle up to 1,684 pounds of payload.

Look forward to the new Colorado in 2023

The Colorado is a 2023 model year vehicle, and Chevy says production will begin in the first half of 2023. No word yet on pricing.


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