August 2021

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Man Robs Bronx Barbershop At Gunpoint, gets away with nearly $ 30,000 in ownership – CBS New York

NEW YORK (CBSNew York) – Police are looking for the suspect who robbed a Bronx hair salon, taking nearly $ 30,000 in property.

Video shows the suspect entering the ET barber shop on 183rd Street in the Belmont section on Thursday.

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Police are looking for the suspect who robbed a Bronx barbershop on August 26, 2021, escaping with nearly $ 30,000 in property. (Credit: NYPD Crime Stoppers)

Police said he then pulled out a gun while the barber gave a client a haircut.

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The barber can be seen handing over several items including gold chains, a Rolex watch, other jewelry, two cell phones and $ 700 in cash.

Police estimate the total value of the stolen items at $ 28,500.

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Anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to call the New York Police Hotline at 1-800-577-8477 or for Spanish, 1-888-577-4782. Tips can also be sent to NYPDConseils Twitter account or submitted online on

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Influencer Mama Doctor Jones accepts position at Invercargill

She works in large hospitals in the United States, talks about taboo health topics with her 2 million followers and argues with four children. Today, the great influencer doctor Danielle Jones occupies a post at the hospital of Southland, writes Alanah Eriksen.

Walking down a hospital corridor in his gowns, camera in selfie mode with Megan Thee Stallion’s Sex Talk song being played, the doctor asks his followers the question.

“The condom broke… what now? “

Take Plan B (aka the morning after pill) within three days, she says, which can be up to 95% effective, but if you don’t have a period in two weeks, call your doctor.

The single video has so far racked up 13 million views on TikTok – where users are predominantly teenagers and young adults – and is the work of outspoken American medical influencer Dr Danielle Jones aka Mama Doctor Jones.

During the day, she gives birth and treats pregnant women as a locum obstetrician gynecologist at various US hospitals, but in her spare time Jones is in front of the camera talking about sex and reproductive issues.

On YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, she has over 2 million subscribers and is part of a growing list of medical professionals whose side-bustle brings their health knowledge to the masses. New Zealand already has a few, including midwives Katie Hawkey and Carmen Lett and anesthesiologist Dr Morgan Edwards.

Jones, 35, uses his platforms to answer uncomfortable questions (“is vaginal discharge normal”), dispel misinformation (“vaccination against Covid-19 does not cause infertility”) and make demonstrations (“how to place a tampon without pain” – using a plastic bottle).

“Our twins left public school for spring break in March 2020 and were never able to go back, no goodbye to their friends or anything.”

Instead, Jones began working as a substitute in the Texas Labor and Delivery Units.

“Obviously, my daily professional life has changed dramatically. We mask 24/7 in the hospital and our family masks whenever we are in the crowd outside or enter a public space. Even my 2 year old, who was 17 months old when the pandemic started, is a masquerading pro now. “

Late last year, Jones started to get congested and had headaches, but initially attributed her symptoms to allergies. Later, as she cleaned the bathroom, she found it difficult to breathe. Her husband thought she was having an asthma attack, triggered by the strong-smelling cleaning product she was using.

But Jones told her she couldn’t smell it, then realized it was probably because she had lost her sense of smell, a symptom of Covid-19. Her result was confirmed by a test and her husband started to feel unwell.

Exhaustion followed and Jones described the illness as “much worse than the flu”.

“As we lived in a town where we didn’t know anyone, we had no one to take the children and they were also exposed and infected. Luckily the children were not very sick at all and seemed to be fine. out. I’m so grateful that we all recovered, but it was absolutely terrifying and difficult during those weeks, and for me, the months of difficulty breathing that followed. “

The family eventually made it to Hawaii in May this year, once the island’s borders opened. Jones estimates that they lived in around 15 AirBnbs.

The family’s lifestyle wouldn’t be possible without the “incredibly supportive” husband of training software developer Jones.

“He’s a very involved dad and we both love being nomadic and having a big family. He’s incredibly smart and very good at what he does, although over the past year he’s sacrificed himself. so that our family can live this lifestyle by educating our four kiddos while we travel. “

“Lots and lots of paperwork”

Trying to find an obstetrician-gynecologist in New Zealand is hard enough. But launch yourself into a global pandemic and it’s even more difficult.

The occupation is on Immigration New Zealand’s skills shortage list. Southern District Health Board chief medical officer Dr Nigel Millar told the Herald that when recruiting local applicants are always considered first, but there are only four applicants in total, all from abroad.

Jones is now in the process of having the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists approve her medical license and consultant qualifications.

“The next step will be to apply as a family for a work visa in my name,” Jones said.

“After applying for a visa, we can apply for an emergency MIQ or MIQ, then once approved, we can book flights and plan the move, then spend two weeks in a hotel room with four small children. . It is a very complex and trying process. Now. “

She was due to start work in August, but the date was pushed back to September.

“We have run into some red tape with the pandemic regulations and everything is moving slowly, so I don’t know if it will be October or November now. Hopefully this year.”

So what does Jones’ boss think of his new hire who draws so many followers to the small New Zealand town? Millar says it’s customary for senior physicians to speak publicly about things related to their professional experience.

“Society is changing and the traditional media of newspapers and broadcast media are being added and in some cases being overtaken by social media. It makes perfect sense and sense for healthcare professionals to use it to inform, educate and support the community on important health issues. Dr Jones is obviously very experienced and knowledgeable in this area.

“We discussed the use of social media with Dr Jones, noting that it is an element of his practice. No specific limits have been set. Dr Jones is a professional and has an understanding depth of how to use social media for health promotion. We look forward to learning from her experience. “

Southern DHB employees must follow a set of social media guidelines set by the Department of Health, he said. They include lines like “If you have a problem at work, try to handle it in the usual internal way with your manager rather than airing your concerns.” And “Remember, search engines never forget; everything you post stays online for a long time. Think before posting something that you might regret later ”.

In his new role, Jones will undertake gynecologic surgery, colposcopy, outpatient clinics and obstetrics.

“She has been showing interest in joining Southern for several years now, and this position has come at the right time for both of us,” said Millar. “He is an enthusiastic, patient-centered person who we believe would be a great member of our team.”

The Joneses hope three of their children can be vaccinated before they arrive in the country – Pfizer and Moderna have expanded the studies to include children aged 5 to 11.

“We are incredibly grateful for the vaccinations, even though it has been a difficult road to convince many of my patients, friends, family to get them vaccinated. We are very excited that we will be able to get our children vaccinated soon.”

When the family arrives here, Jones hopes to enroll three of her children in a local school and her husband plans to work while he is here.

“As a web developer he has a lot of skills that are very beneficial for my social media presence. So the plan is to dive into website and app development ObGyn, period, pregnancy and for the brand. MDJ. “

Although he lives and works in some large cities and hospitals, particularly Austin, Jones is used to small towns. She was born in Borger, a small town in Texas (13,251 inhabitants against 57,000 for Invercargill).

They haven’t found accommodation yet but will likely find a hotel or rental for a month or two before finding a long-term living situation.

The weather for the city of Southland will be a great adjustment with Texas temperatures currently hitting 40C.

“But the children are really looking forward to going back to school, especially Milo, who is expected to start kindergarten. [the first year of primary school] soon and I can’t wait for them to have a little more normalcy. “

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2021 Ironman National Preview & Racers 4 Waverly established

So why did he quit? Earlier this week, the Lucas Oil TV Production company had an outbreak of COVID-19 among the crew of 40 or more who work in and around production trucks, installing cables and cameras all around the track, then producing the broadcasts and sending them to the rest of the world to report them. They follow OSHA guidelines as well as the CDC and have been able to show off all the races we’ve had since the start of this whole horrible pandemic. At times it probably seems overkill to see the pit reporter wearing a mask and distancing herself from the runners she interviews, but that’s the kind of thing every TV production had to do in 2020 and 21.

When the team found out Wednesday that several people who worked at Budds Creek had tested positive for the virus, the production company followed the guidelines and told everyone involved in the production – the camera guys, the wiring guys, engineers, producers and directors, and the talent they needed to pass a COVID-19 test whether or not they were vaccinated. They also said anyone who was not vaccinated could not participate in the race this weekend as they had to be quarantined, in case they caught it last week but were asymptomatic. Several people who were already working here were sent home at that time because they were not vaccinated and were ordered to get tested again next week and return to the Fox Raceway team and Hangtown.

Grant Langston has previously tested negative for COVID-19, but explained that he had not been vaccinated. then come back for the rest of the races. At no time did they tell him that he needed to be vaccinated; they just said they would find a color commentator for this week’s shows and then he could come back next week.

All of this apparently rubbed GL the wrong way and he decided to quit TV, with immediate effect. He texted our staff saying this and we were all caught off guard by it – I didn’t even know about the outbreak until after the fact, but I was far from the TV truck in Budds Creek and I really have nothing to do with the show or the production company. Before I had a chance to call Grant to find out what was going on, he posted a video announcing his resignation on social media, implying that he was frustrated that he tested negative but couldn’t come. in Indiana, while saying he was told he could come to the last two events. Langston explained the situation fairly precisely, although he said he thought “it wasn’t about COVID, it was about the vaccine.” I believe this is simply not true. This was the policy of a company he was employed for (NBC, not MX Sports). They were cautious due to an actual and recent outbreak and didn’t want anyone else to spread or contract COVID without knowing it.

Businesses and colleges, restaurants and bars, churches and schools around the world are trying to figure out how to stay safe and how to stay open as COVID-19 continues to escalate, and that includes the production company that travels around the country filming these races. They have a policy and a manual on what to do in the event of an outbreak, and when they had one, they followed that policy. Grant wasn’t the only person affected by this policy, but he is the only one who resigned because of it, and I still wonder why exactly, as no one has told him who I spoke to anymore where he needed to get the vaccine to keep his job, he would only have to skip a race and then be able to come back next weekend. I would hate to think this was all some sort of misunderstanding of what the production company was really telling them, but they’re adamant that vaccinations aren’t a requirement for anyone but outbreaks (especially now with the Delta variant) are taken very seriously and policies during these times change.

I’m disappointed that GL feels so aggrieved by this that he quit a really good job, which he was very, very good at and seemed to really enjoy. He’s been a big part of shows over the years, and I would put the Weigandt / Langston team up there with anyone, including the gold standard Art Eckman and David Bailey. I hope he reconsiders his decision, because color commentary is very difficult work, and Grant Langston is good at it.

The production company had to bring in a few other engineers to replace the ones they sent home, and they invited Jeff Emig to replace Weege. Hoping they have a great show.

It’s been a busy week as most of the 2022 machines are here if they don’t arrive as we speak. Yamaha gave us a day on their 2022 YZ250F / 450F machines and while there might just be “refinements” to each bike, they act differently on the track, compared to their older counterparts. Check the failure of each machine right here in these two videos that we have prepared for you this week!

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Dog thrown from van on rural Dumfries and Galloway road as cops chase driver

A dog has been dumped after being thrown from a van on a rural Scottish road, as police call to help locate the driver.

The dog was thrown from a white Ford Transit van with black tinted windows onto the A77 near Innermessan, Dumfries and Galloway.


A dog was abandoned alongside the A77 near Innermessan, Dumfries and GallowayCredit: Google Maps

The shocking incident took place around 3:50 p.m. on Thursday and police were alerted after receiving reports from members of the public.

The dog was left by the side of the road and the vehicle drove off, before the animal was picked up and taken to the vet.

The dog is being held temporarily at Stranraer Police Station, as cops call in to help locate the driver of the van.

Officers asked any witnesses or motorists equipped with dash cameras who were in the area at the time to make contact.

A statement from the Dumfries and Galloway Police Division read: “At approximately 3:50 pm on August 26, 2021, members of the public reported to police that a dog that had been thrown from a white Ford Transit van with black tinted windows on the A77 near Innermessan.

“The dog was left on the side of the road and the vehicle drove off. The member of the public who saw this contacted the police who attended to and lifted the dog and went to the local vet for make sure he was safe and healthy.

“The dog is currently residing at Stranraer Police Station for the time being.

“Anyone who has seen the described vehicle in the area on time and date and anyone with on-board camera images or information is requested to contact the Stranraer Police Station.”

The devastation caused to the Stirling chip shop after a car crashed into a building shown in new footage

We pay for your stories and videos! Do you have a story or video for The Scottish Sun? Write to us at [email protected] or call 0141 420 5300

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Worthplaying | PC Review – ‘Ashwalkers’

Finding a survival game that I love, or even completing, is harder than it should be. Quite often these are unrealistic first-person shooters or sorry linear ventures that aren’t difficult or interesting. Ash walkers by an independent games company Unnamed XIII is different, and its storytelling-based survival simulation was so enjoyable that I found myself immersed in my computer for hours. For an avowed toe in gaming, this is no small feat.

It’s no wonder, really, when you consider who the smart people are behind Ash walkers are. Developed by some of the original brains of Dontnod, who created another great game, Life is strange, the gaming experience provided by Ash walkers is far from the monotony that is found in some way in survival sims. It’s also weird that survival games are often full of doldrums and menial tasks that don’t entertain or engage their players, while surviving an apocalypse is probably the opposite of boring and tedious – but I’m sorry. move away from the subject.

This storytelling-driven post-apocalyptic journey is an extremely well-executed ‘choose your own adventure’ tale and point-and-click survival simulator all in one tidy package. Ash walkers contains a few elements of some of the best survival games in my playbook, such as the stats tracker and inventory management system found in the well-received winter survival game, Mistrust. Just as it is in Mistrust, you need to effectively monitor and manage each team member’s heat, hunger, and energy levels, and you need to keep them relatively cheered up throughout their journey to be successful in your game. They need strength to gather materials to fuel their journey, and it’s your job to make sure they’re using those materials appropriately. As far as I know, your party members can die, although I’ve never let any of them go so low in any area that it posed a significant threat, but it’s worth noting, especially considering how important having a full group is when you are heading towards your goal. All four are valuable members of the team.

On that note, Squad Three’s goal is a heavy burden to bear, and its success depends a lot on its success. The team’s mission is to travel to the legendary Dome of the Domes, a haven of peace said to be the only hope for long-term prosperity for 250,000 survivors of the cataclysm. The Dome, however, may not even exist, but that’s why the team’s success is so vital, and since a cataclysmic catastrophe wiped out most of the planet, even the lives of these survivors depend on the Third Squad to find a new, more permanent home.

Squad Three consists of Kali, Nadir, Petra, and Sinh, who all have their particular strengths and weaknesses to complete the party. Doning gas masks to help them breathe in the unclean air, they walk (slowly) along the ashy terrain, gathering resources, picking up scraps of information, and escaping mortal peril along the way.

The land is a work of art; the game as a whole is a work of art, and that means something, given that almost the entire game is colored with a relatively bland gray palette. In today’s black-obsessed gaming environment, black and white contrasts are the go-to choices for color schemes, if games like Limbo are something to go through. Other games rely on splashes of bright, bold color to help them stand out from the crowd. Surprisingly, the subdued gray of Ash walkers is eye-catching compared to those other games, and the ash gray on the screen fits the story well. The world, in this dreary apocalypse, is literally covered in ash and soot, so the lonely hue that paints it is perfect.

Even the cut scenes are mostly different shades of gray and white, and the scene transitions are done with the visual effect of paper burning in – you guessed it – ash. It’s not easy to tie art to the theme of the game, but Ash walkers shoot it well.

The only variant of the Ash Palette is visible when a player is injured, in which case splashes of red demonstrate a player’s injured state. I found this to be an alarming and glaring indicator that disturbed my obsessive need to appease my tired team, so it was an effective use of the only other color in the game. I felt satisfied to stop and go. camping to heal and cheer on the team as often as possible to keep the angry red from creeping onto my screen. In addition to the sad but effective art, the music blended well with the title, adding to the dystopian feel of the surroundings and the team’s dire mission.

The team is pushed with a simple point-and-click mechanism; However, you have no control over the camera angle which changes regularly. Sometimes, as your team slowly meanders across a field or road, the camera suddenly moves to a descending position and returns to its previous angle once the team has passed an invisible checkpoint. Many players have found this to be a flaw in the design of the game, and while I, too, have found it confusing and frustrating, I don’t think it is a mistake on the part of the game. development team. The team travel through an ash-covered wasteland while wearing gas masks, so it seems likely that their vision is sometimes impeded. Plus, the moments when the camera is doing something awesome seem to be indicators that the group is about to stumble upon a predator or a predatory situation, so in many ways it’s a creative way to punctuate the story.

Another way works of art and visibility come into play is fading daylight. I found myself cursing the darkness that surrounded my team at one point and realized, stupidly, that it was dark because it was dark and my team wouldn’t be able to see any better than me. The best thing to do was to camp at night.

When the squad is camping, you can ask them to guard, rest, talk (this helps to encourage themselves), or explore materials. The camp also offers you the opportunity to manage their hunger, heat and need for medication. Ideally, each side leaves your team’s status bars nearly full before venturing out again.

This is not always possible, depending on how you play. Ash walkers offers plenty of possible endings – 34, to be exact – and the way you play not only affects the health and well-being of your party, but it also impacts where you end up at the end of the game. the part. If you play aggressively you may be wasting a lot of medicine to heal your entire party, but if you play too diplomatically you may end up wasting resources trading with people who could hurt you anyway. Your decisions lead the way, and having multiple options at each interval made it impossible for me to tear myself away from the game.

Resources were surprisingly easy to notice in the interface: animating, swaying tendrils of light beneath each patch of a particular resource. It is important to keep an eye on the inventory, which is usually something that I find tedious, but in Ash walkers, it seemed necessary. Managing inventory goes hand in hand with managing team members, and it’s a balancing act that isn’t too difficult to manage. Use resources when needed (often), and if you have an abundance of them, like I did at some point, you can stop collecting that resource until you need them again. The game is fairly forgiving when it comes to the frequency of resource placement; exploring intelligently while camping can also garner favorable resources.

It’s important to keep your party full and happy even when you can camp frequently, but it’s even more vital when you are in an area where you cannot camp. These stretches can take a considerable amount of time, especially when your group is walking at a snail’s pace, so it’s best to manage them sufficiently as often as possible.

Sometimes the group’s progress stops and the choice is given to overcome a particular obstacle. Dilemmas are named simply but appropriately – one was titled “The Dog”, for example – and are followed by a brief description of the dilemma or obstacle in your path. You are then presented with choices, but sometimes the choices are crossed out for lack of resources. These are the choices that open the way for your crew, so choose carefully! The choices also give you insight into the special skills and natural advantages of your team members, much like in Dungeons and Dragons when a player with higher Charisma makes a better impression on a nomad than a player with a worth. lower. It’s the same idea but a simpler execution.

Beyond the sometimes complicated or even morally difficult decision you must make, Ash walkers is not a difficult or action-packed game. Rather, it’s an animated story that unfolds as you travel to your destination, and there’s no real threat to your team’s safety as long as you pay attention to it. As a storytelling game, it’s certainly entertaining enough for the genre.

There are a few bugs or minimal design flaws that aren’t breakthroughs; sometimes a new block of text appears on top of an old block, making both more difficult to read due to the transparency of the frame. Other times, when walking in a team, a member’s dialog box partially disappears, but this text was mostly used to add color to the game.

There are some features that make a player’s life easier, like the ability to click text to make it appear faster (a feature that should be present in any text-based game), and although it doesn’t There is no quick save option, there is no real need to reload the game at any time, as your choices are expected to affect the outcome.

is in no case Ash walkers an action-packed survival adventure sim, but the story and significance of the journey was compelling enough to have me on the edge of my seat throughout my game. I cared about Squad Three and wanted them to be successful, and for a storytelling game like this, isn’t that all you can ask for? If post-apocalyptic survival games are your jam, Ash walkers worth its very reasonable price of $ 12 and offers a different version of the genre you know and love.

Rating: 8.0 / 10

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Star Swamp bushfires in North Beach suspected of arson

A fire bug is on the run in North Beach.

The arsonist managed to evade detection after lighting a series of brush fires in the Star Swamp Bushland Preserve.

They struck five times in July and, so far this month, they have started five more fires, endangering neighboring homes and families.

Police have listed the series of times, dates and locations and have requested the upload of any CCTV, cell phone or dash camera view.

Most affected were in the North Beach Road and Charles Riley Road area, with reports at 3:05 a.m. on July 24, 8:35 p.m. on August 2, 2:25 p.m. on August 11 and 5:35 a.m. on August 18.

The North Beach Road and Marmion Avenue area was also a multiple target, at 1:40 p.m. on July 28, 6:55 a.m. on July 31 and 6:50 a.m. on August 18.

Other locations include in the areas of North Beach Road and Hope Street at 8:05 p.m. on July 21, and Marmion Avenue and Beach Road at 1:25 p.m. on July 26 and near Wittington Avenue at 12:30 a.m. on August 2.

It follows PerthNow which in April reported another round of fires at the same location.

At the time, the arson team said it was aware of four brush fires at Star Swamp Bushland since the start of the year.

One person was questioned, but there was insufficient evidence to lay a charge.

Investigators are urging anyone with footage of the fires or people in the area at the designated times to download the vision to

Anyone with information can also call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333000 or report online at

Rewards of up to $ 50,000 are available for information that leads to the identification and conviction of an arsonist.

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Taste It Broomfield back in person at 1STBANK Center

Taste It Broomfield from the Broomfield Chamber of Commerce returns to 1STBANK for the first time since 2019.

The event, which showcases food and drink from businesses in the region, has adapted to a passport-like event in 2020 in order to comply with COVID-19 restrictions and continue to support local restaurants and breweries.

The event is scheduled for October 20 at 1STBANK Center, 11450 Broomfield Lane, and House Membership and Marketing Director Pat Monacelli said the chamber hopes the event will be as big as it once was.

“This is one of our biggest events in several years,” Monacelli said on Tuesday. “Not having it last year was difficult. … This is not only a great opportunity to introduce the catering members, but also a great opportunity to introduce some of our non-profit members. It was unfortunate not to have had this opportunity last year.

There are 32 food and drink vendors and 14 expected nonprofits, Monacelli said. There will also be around 20 other businesses that are not members of the chamber attending a trade show in the lobby. There will be live music and various prizes awarded in different “best of” categories.

Kaitlyn Chavez and her son Ronan, 2, shop for Angie Marshall smoothies at the Broomfield Rush Bowl via the Broomfield Chamber of Commerce Taste It On Tour. (Cliff Grassmick / Personal Photographer)

Tickets cost $ 25 for people 12 and over, and $ 15 for ages 4 to 11. Admission is free for children 3 and under. The event is scheduled from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., with a VIP time from 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. VIP tickets cost $ 50, and Monacelli said the VIP ticket includes a specialty cocktail, cup and exclusive samples.

While the in-person event is back, the chamber’s Taste It On Tour will continue. Monacelli said the tour has been so popular that the chamber has decided to continue it, and the Taste It in person will serve as an opportunity to revive the tour for the coming year.

“We couldn’t have it last year because of COVID,” Monacelli said of the event in person. “We did our best to pivot and do something different and it worked, but just being able to come back and do something in person, that tasting experience and the sense of community is very important to us. We are delighted to start over. “

Nick Burkert, left, hands over a pizza, while Peter Crouse, owner of Infinitus Pie in Broomfield, prepares more toppings. The Broomfield Chamber of Commerce Taste It Tour turned into a year-round event during the COVID-19 pandemic to showcase local food and drink. customers get a passport for $ 25 which offers discounts at over 20 restaurants / breweries. The event evolved from the traditional Taste It in-person event. (Cliff Grassmick / Personal Photographer)

During the tour, community members can download the free DonorTrail app and purchase a $ 25 Taste It On Tour trail pass, which provides access to approximately $ 200 in offers at Broomfield restaurants. There are 25 participating restaurants and breweries, according to the tour website.

Food and beverage companies can still join the tour, and there are ways for non-food companies to market themselves in the app. For more information visit

Monacelli said the chamber determined in January or February of this year to host the event in person at the 1STBANK center, and that it was able to move forward as vaccinations began to roll out.

AEG Presents, owner of the 1STBANK center, announced on August 12 that proof of vaccination will be required for entry into its sites owned and operated from 1 October at the latest.

Monacelli said Taste It Broomfield will require vaccinations in accordance with AEG’s requirements.

AEG Presents wrote in a statement, “The decision follows a dramatic increase in COVID-19 cases as the Delta variant spreads across the United States. … The date has been chosen specifically to allow time for all unvaccinated eligible ticket holders and staff to achieve fully immunized status if they choose to do so.

Tickets for Taste It Broomfield will go on sale online until 5 p.m. on October 19. Tickets will then be available at the door on the day of the event at a cost of $ 35 for ages 12 and over and $ 25 for ages 4 to 11. For more information or to purchase tickets, visit

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Riders Republic is Forza Horizon for extreme sports, and it’s fun

There are few things that can recapture the sheer joy of riding a full speed bike as a kid and feeling totally fearless. I mean yeah, I can still hurtle down the side of a mountain on a set of skis, but today I’m also more aware of how you can break. Riders Republic captures that childhood magic, that feeling that you are unbreakable and unstoppable, whether you don a wingsuit, don a snowboard, jump on a BMX or have an off-road snowmobile career. . And that’s only improved here by the ability to switch to stunning first-person mode with the push of a button.

What Ubisoft created in Riders Republic is a Forza Horizon for extreme sports. Much of the DNA of the Playground Games series is here, from the strong festival feel to using a rewind feature when you miss a race. Unlike Forza Horizon though, these flashbacks don’t happen for everyone, so using them in a crash will cause you to fall back behind the pack if you’re not careful, which adds a nice element of drama.

Riders Republic also takes advantage of player ghosts in races and the world at large. It’s not quite Drivatar tech, but it helps make the map always come alive. Watching the white ghost markers meander through an area can highlight racing routes or mountainside lines, while a group elsewhere may indicate there is something to explore. It’s almost a game in itself, just watching them move.

Let’s race

Republic of the Cavaliers

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

Other live players, however, are marked in yellow. You’ll experience the world with over 50 other players anytime on PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC (PS4 and Xbox One are down to 20+), but the map is absolutely huge so your real opponents can be thrown away. While there will be versus options in the final version, the Rider Republic beta is a much more single-player racing experience, unless you team up with friends. Until the horn comes for the mass races.

From time to time, Riders Republic will notify you when one of these mass races is starting. You will have four minutes to make it to the starting point where you will gather 63 other players for a multiplayer race like no other. These are my absolute favorites, and clearly the underrated headliners of Riders Republic. Gathered at the top of the mountain, the 64 players must then race down the mountain in races that take you from sport to sport for each stage. You can start out on a snowboard, but halfway through you’ll end up on a BMX, or later you’ll have to navigate tight turns with rocket-powered skis before switching to a rocket suit. There are obstacles to avoid, as well as the ousting of other riders to consider, and these races take place over three rounds, giving you three opportunities to achieve a higher ranking. Plus, they’re always slightly different, so there is an added benefit to repeating. It’s a fantastic way to quickly get to grips with all that Rider Republic has to offer, but with such chaos being so great, it’s also a blast. Although hitting anything when you’re in the top 10 that sends you back in the bottom 10 will never hurt.

Republic of the Cavaliers

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

Far from the cacophony of mass racing, there are career paths based on the individual sports to be played. Each event contained inside will earn you stars which will unlock more gear, more events, and more career opportunities. They are much more leisurely than mass events, in that you can do them when and in any order you like, even repeating events to pick up extra stars by checking off additional goals like completing a particular stunt or finish a race in less time. This does not mean that they lack the energy of mass events. Part of the multiplayer chaos yes, but each race is unique and will sometimes surprise you with silly outfits or comedic comments. The variety, both in the events and sports on offer, is quite staggering – even at this beta level, it’s an impressive feat.

BMX until extinction

Republic of the Cavaliers

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

Everything I’ve played from Riders Republic so far has a wonderful balance of silly and serious. On the one hand, you’re trying to perfect your tricks to look like a badass on a BMX, and yet in the next minute you’re riding dressed like an inflatable T-Rex. The mix of races and tricks is also a good balance. Also, it’s worth remembering that this is from the developer of Steep, so away from the loud costume and banana events there is space to take a minute to just explore – the map is littered with events but also viewpoints and waterfalls to discover. Taking the time to look for these points of view will give you a nice panorama and some information that will allow you to learn more about these American mountains and the areas that surround them. It’s something I loved about Steep, so I’m glad to see that calmer side make a comeback with Riders Republic.

At the heart of it all is this festival vibe. The game is themed around the idea that everything is shown on The Ridge TV, with all the cutscenes playing out as if being filmed on a portable camera. The characters you will meet are exactly the kind of beautiful shots you would expect from an arcade sports game like this, all “brothers” this and “legendary” that, but they laugh at themselves and of those stereotypes in a way you end up laughing with them. Commentary is never intrusive either, allowing you to enjoy each of the adrenaline-fueled moments as they arise.

So if it’s even vaguely piqued your interest, give the Riders Republic beta a moment. It’s far from a teaser and it’s more of a major bite of the complete extreme sports sandwich that you can enjoy later this year.

Riders Republic launches for PS5, Xbox Series X, PC, Xbox One, and PS4 on October 28. Until then, discover the others new games for 2021 and beyond.

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Camera for adventure

“Cooking With Paris” is the iconic mogul’s debut as a domestic goddess

Between the 2018 documentary “American Meme” and the 2020 Paris Hilton film “This is Paris”, Hilton’s media exposure over the past few years has been extremely raw, if not bleak at times. With that in mind, a light, silly cooking show doesn’t seem like the natural next chapter for Hilton, and yet that’s exactly what Netflix’s “Cooking with Paris” is.

In the first episode, Hilton, 39, says repeatedly that she wants to have babies and needs to learn to cook if she is to start a family. She tells her guest Kim Kardashian, “I feel like I’ve lived like a 21 year old girl my whole life,” but now she’s finally ready to feel like an adult, she says as she pulls out her recipe. of rainbow jewelry. delivered. When her celebrity guests arrive, she shows off her newly remodeled mansion and her gourmet chef’s kitchen – another sign of her next chapter as she ditch her old wall-to-wall Barbie pink home decor.

This fits perfectly with what we learn about Hilton in “This is Paris,” the YouTube documentary in which Hilton works on the trauma and abuse she faced as a teenager and following the sex leak. tap. One of the main storylines of his self-produced documentary in 2020 is his desire to get married and have children after decades of partying and DJing around the world. She is almost done with part one, getting engaged to businessman Carter Reum in February of this year, and on the verge of reaching part two as she has already started undergoing IVF treatments and discussed of her hopes of having children (twins in particular) in 2022.

In “Cooking with Paris”, just like in the other documentaries, Hilton seamlessly oscillates between her iconic vocal fry and a deeper, more emotional tone, allowing the viewer to watch her enter and exit character. One minute, she’s walking down the produce aisle like a trail, then she asks a grocery store clerk what chives are. She drops thousands of dollars on caviar and truffles just because she can, clearly doesn’t know the difference between a blender and a blender, but also spices up episodes of brand-perfect cooking tips that are. surprisingly useful, like pulling out your cutest oversized sunglasses while chopping onions to protect your eyes.

It sounds odd, like a more conscious version of its “Simple Life” days, but it’s 100% Paris, who is always on top of the joke and still on top of the camera rolling – at one point while eating. a meal cooked with her mom, Kathy Hilton, she breaks character to berate Kathy for speaking while bending over to mend her outfit and not “looking sexy”.

Even for non-Hilton fans, the show is also worth a visit for the “cooking” portion of “Cooking with Paris”. She doesn’t pretend to know what she’s doing, but isn’t shy about trying new, complicated recipes, either. And even trying seemingly more basic dishes – tacos, French toast, burgers – she adds her own over-the-top twists, because when you’re a billionaire why wouldn’t you.

Viewers at home probably aren’t going to replicate her 24-karat gold onion rings or glittering unicorn cannoli, but are happy to indulge themselves through Hilton. Flaunting his ungodly wealth throughout the series feels like an escape, not unattainable, like watching a good episode of “International House Hunters”.

For fans of Hilton and 2000s party girls, “Cooking with Paris” is more than just a culinary adventure, it’s about growing up and settling down. Hilton has spent two decades as a successful entrepreneur launching fashion and fragrance lines, while partying at the hottest clubs around the world, only to finally decide what she really wants is the life of a housewife, and a hot housewife.

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Dash cam

Dallas Police Department releases Angela West field sobriety test video – CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

RAW Video: Dallas Police Chief Releases Video Showing What Drove Angela West To Be Arrested And Arrested For DWIDallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia press conference on Angela West’s arrest for DWI Friday night.

Dallas Police Department releases Angela West field sobriety test videoDallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia shared dash cam video on Monday August 23 of an incident last Friday when Angela West, the wife of Republican candidate for governor Allen West, was arrested and arrested for DWI.

Monday weather forecastSunny. High 98F. SSE winds at 10 to 15 mph.

Arlington firefighters smash concrete with jackhammer to rescue dog trapped in storm sewerThe Arlington Fire Department rolled up its sleeves and pulled out heavy equipment over the weekend to rescue a dog named Zoey who was trapped in a storm sewer. Katie Johnston reports.

CBS 11 News Now: Monday morning.Find out what is making the headlines in North Texas this Monday morning.

1 fatalities after accident in the wrong direction on Loop 820 in Lake Worth1 fatalities after accident in the wrong direction on Loop 820 in Lake Worth

More updates on Anne Elise Parks from CBS 11 “Baby Bump” 8/23Every Monday morning, we make an appointment with our future mother Anne Elise Parks to see how her trip is going. Anne Elise and baby are now 32 weeks old and baby is about the size of a squash (or a teddy bear for all ’80s kids).

Anne Elise Parks of CBS 11 “Baby Bump Update” 8/23Every Monday morning, we make an appointment with our future mother Anne Elise Parks to see how her trip is going. Anne Elise and baby are now 32 weeks old and baby is about the size of a squash (or a teddy bear for all ’80s kids).

AM weather update with Anne Elise ParksAM weather update with Anne Elise Parks

Great work week ahead for North Texas!Nothing but sunny skies and temperatures above 90 degrees are expected this working week.

Dallas Police: Driver hits pedestrian and horse in Deep EllumDallas Police have arrested Adonis Hartfield, 25, who they say struck a vehicle, pedestrian and horse in Deep Ellum overnight.

New Orleans policeman on leave killed at Texas restaurantOfficer Everett Briscoe was one of two people shot dead on the patio of the Grotto Ristorante in Houston on Saturday afternoon.

Henry now a tropical depressionThe storm had weakened earlier from a Category 1 hurricane as it approached shore. The storm was moving over much colder water on its final approach, which quickly weakened the storm.

North Texas College students return to in-person classes MondayMany North Texas colleges and universities begin the fall semester on Monday, fully in person for the first time in nearly a year and a half.

A rare blue “Sturgeon” moon over North Texas on SundayStep outside and take a look at the rare blue “sturgeon” moon over North Texas tonight.

Dallas Police: Driver hits pedestrian and horse in Deep EllumDallas Police have arrested Adonis Hartfield, 25, who they say struck a vehicle, pedestrian and horse in Deep Ellum overnight.

Your Sunday Night BriefHere is what made the news on Sunday August 22

Chances of light rain in forecast for next weekendA great week is ahead for North Texas next week, but there is a slight chance of rain over the weekend.

Dallas community works to create home to escape Afghan familyA US Army interpreter, his wife and their five children are trying to escape the Taliban in Afghanistan and could arrive in Dallas as early as August 23.

American Airlines, based in Fort Worth, signed up to help evacuate AfghanistanThe US Department of Defense has informed American Airlines that it has activated Phase 1 of the Civilian Reserve Air Fleet (CRAF).

Nice forecast coming for North Texas next weekNothing but sunny skies and warm temperatures are expected in North Texas next week!

Gov. Allen West’s wife Angela arrested for DWI with child in carAngela West, wife of Texas gubernatorial candidate Allen West, was arrested and charged with impaired driving with a child in the car on Friday night.

Fans react to return of cowboy football to AT&T StadiumLoyal fans react to the return of Dallas Cowboys football to AT&T Stadium!

Protesters call on ISD Fort Worth to demand masks in schoolsProtesters walked through the heart of downtown Fort Worth on Saturday night, demanding mandatory masks in schools.

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