March 2021

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Kanye West Directs and Designs Adult Industry Site Awards Ceremony in Los Angeles

Kanye West Directs and Designs Adult Industry Site Awards Ceremony in Los Angeles

Kanye West was the Creative Director of Thursday’s very first Pornhub Awards at the Belasco Theater in Los Angeles.

The Grammy winner, 40, was expected to handle stage design and production details as part of his DONDA brand’s collaboration with music industry professional Willo Perron, according to The explosion, while famous photographer Richard Kern was also involved.

The music and fashion designer also plans to outfit the adult hosts of Thursday’s show with clothes from his Yeezy collection, with replicas of the main garments for sale on Fashion Nova.

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Latest attempt: Kanye West, 40, served as creative director for Thursday’s very first Pornhub Awards at Belasco Theater in Los Angeles

One notable piece of clothing belonged to adult artist Asa Akira, who moderated the discussion in a dress that did not have an upper part covering her chest.

According to Pornhub, Kanye was going to organize the show with a futuristic twist, placing it in AD 6918.

Earlier Thursday, West posted on Twitter a photo of a grid of red abstract 3D shapes on a green background; they turned out to be small models for the trophies that were presented to the winners during the ceremony.

The show featured a Celebrity of the Year category with nominees including Cardi B, Emily Ratajkowski, Justin Bieber, and even Kanye’s wife Kim Kardashian.

Prototypes: West posted a photo to Twitter on Thursday of a grid of red abstract 3D shapes that turned out to be small models for the trophies that were handed out to the winners

Prototypes: West posted a photo to Twitter on Thursday of a grid of red abstract 3D shapes that turned out to be small models for the trophies that were handed out to the winners

Trendy: Kanye and his wife Kim Kardashian were trendy in Paris last June

Trendy: Kanye and his wife Kim Kardashian were trendy in Paris last June

Live performances were planned by artists such as Teyana Taylor, Dana Dentata, Young MA and Blackbear.

The Runaway singer was also set to create I Love It, his latest single, a collaboration with Lil Pump. Spike Jonze directed the music video for Kanye’s new single, as he previously worked on videos for West Flashing Lights, Otis, and Only One songs.

Streams from the show were available on both the adult streaming site and West’s


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Adult friend search, dating site known for casual sex, hacked for blackmail purposes

Nearly four million accounts on Adult Friend Finder, a casual dating site that allows users to meet for sex, have been hacked. User names, email addresses, whether an individual is single, and other sensitive details were compromised in the breach, with authorities suggesting hackers were motivated by the opportunity to blackmail users. embarrassed.

A survey of Great Britain Channel 4 News revealed On Thursday, 3.9 million of Adult Friend Finder’s 64 million users (more than and eHarmony) had their information stolen and disclosed on a hacker forum. It appears that hackers have launched a phishing campaign, which includes mass sending emails infected with malware, and convinced users to enter their login details. From there, thieves can use that information to steal a target’s identity or, in this case, threaten to reveal that they are listed as “looking for extramarital affairs” unless they pay.

Early reports indicate that deleted accounts were also affected.

The site describes itself as a “thriving sex community” that emphasizes the physical and erotic aspect of romance, rather than helping people find a lasting connection. The site has been criticized for listing far more men than women and for allowing prostitution.

Parent company Friend Finder Networks Inc said in a statement that it “fully understands and appreciates the seriousness of the problem. We have already started to work closely with law enforcement and have launched a thorough investigation with the help of a leading third-party forensic expert ”, as cited by Business Insider.

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So you probably shouldn’t have signed up for Adult Friend Finder.

The Adult Friend Finder anonymous login website (you know, that place in all the pop-up ads) has been largely hacked.

Ars Technica reports roughly four million users had their “email addresses, sexual orientation and other sensitive details” sent into the breach. While originally “seeded on anonymous sites hosted on the Tor privacy network,” the data can now be easily found on social media sites like Twitter. The one behind the attack is called MMR[RG]. The pirate complaints AFF scammed a friend of his for about $ 248,000 and says he is currently in Thailand, where “any LE here I can pay”.

Fortunately, the credit card details were redacted by the hacker before the data was released.

Of course, if you put personally identifiable information on a website called an “Adult Friend Finder,” you really don’t care or you tend not to think too much before sharing too much with random strangers. Type of assembly.

On Twitter, at least one user quickly found evidence that a few people are close to getting therefore fired.

Yet another compelling reminder that yes, you should probably treat the internet as a real place where bad things happen to unwary people, instead of a magical black box that takes credit cards to one side and rejects anonymous logins from. the other.

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North Philly’s brand new senior center features line dancing, pool and ancestry workshops

Billy Penn highlights some of Philadelphia’s recreation centers, ranging from southwest to northeast. We include spaces that have been recently renovated and others that have long lists of needs. We have already presented Kingsessing, Happy hollow, Varé and Sports recreation center.

Older residents of North Philadelphia began asking for their own recreation center decades ago.

Jacqueline Maldonado, director of the Martin Luther King Older Adult Center, said she felt older people started pushing for their own public recreation space long before John Street became mayor in 2000 – when he was still municipal councilor of the district.

That’s why it was such a triumph for so many North Philadelphians when the Martin Luther King Recreation Center expanded in August. Prior to that, children, adults and the elderly shared a facility on Cecil B. Moore Avenue and 22nd Street.

Now the elderly have their own space; the MLK Older Adult Center opened across the street from the original facility on August 28, specifically to serve those 55 and older.

“This has been discussed for many years, and they finally started construction about a year ago,” said Maldonado. “They have been waiting for years for this center to open.”

Site: 2100 W. Cecil B. Moore Ave.

District: Center-North

When it was built: 2017

Cut: 10,000 square feet

How many people it serves: 100 per day

Features include: billiard room, computer room, fitness classes, crafts, full service cafeteria with free breakfast daily

Number of employees and volunteers: six staff, two interns and 80 volunteers

Center manager: Jacqueline Maldonado

Seniors in North Philadelphia began pushing for their own recreation center almost 30 years ago. The land was officially inaugurated on the facility in June 2016, and the $ 4.3 million center opened in August.

Even after the construction of the center, the brand new facility has been vacant for months before it is actually opened to the public. There was a “premature” groundbreaking ceremony for the MLK Older Adult Center in April before the city received its certificate of occupancy to take over the facility from the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority. The impatient seniors had to wait four months after the ceremony to actually use the new center.

“It was a battle to get this facility,” said Barbara Gillette, director of senior services at the center. “They clearly deserve it.”

Angela Gervasi / Billy Penn

Seniors are more competitive than you might think, said Maldonado. Much of the centre’s programming focuses on physical fitness. The center also participates in a citywide pool tournament every year, which Gillette insists they always win.

Here is a list of MLK’s monthly lineup:

  • Billiards
  • Poetry group
  • Arts and crafts classes
  • Bible course
  • Bingo
  • Group of hooks
  • Ancestry workshop “Tracing your roots”
  • Silver Sneakers Fitness Class
  • Line dancing for beginners
  • Advanced line dancing
  • Fitness classes
  • Zumba

The MLK Older Adult Center is fundamentally different from almost every recreation center in Philadelphia for one main reason: the people it serves.

Maldonado said the most unique – and rewarding – part of her job is working with the elderly.

“They are just full of history,” said Maldonado. “You can learn so much from them. They love to come here and spend time with their friends. They are really looking forward to it. If for some reason they don’t make it here someday, they are so disappointed.

“It feels good to be able to help them, sit with them and have a conversation,” she added. “Some people live alone and we are all they have.

Members of the MLK Older Adult Center spin, kick and slide in the center line dancing class.
Angela Gervasi / Billy Penn

The most popular MLK Seniors Center programming might surprise you.

Maldonado said the weekly line dance classes – held in the gym on Fridays at 10 a.m. – are “a much sought after event” among seniors.

“They are so serious about it,” said Maldonado. “You really have to know what you’re doing. They are in focus at each step, therefore coordinated.

“I think it makes them feel young, being able to go in there and do all the moves, interact with their peers,” added Maldonado. “They look forward to it every week.”

Full Disclosure: This place isn’t really aimed at kids. Membership is only available to those 55 and over, and all programming is geared toward seniors. Maldonado said she was working on implementing intergenerational programming, but there is nothing concrete in place yet.

Plus, the original MLK Leisure Center across the street is still open to people under 55.

At MLK Older Adult Center, Maldonado feels lucky. Most of the city’s recreation center managers are responsible for maintaining old facilities and lobbying for increased funding and resources.

It took a village to open this center, but now that the brand new facility is finally in use, Maldonado said she doesn’t need anything else right now.

“Everyone has been great with setting up this center,” she said. “We have a brand new center, all the new furniture and membership is increasing. We are blessed.

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Five Reasons Adult Learners Succeed at Rider University

As a mother of four, Adrienne Green has had to make tough choices when it comes to her own education. After earning an Associate’s degree, she chose to pursue her Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Rider’s College of Continuing Studies (CCS). The University’s generous credit transfer policy enabled Green to prepare for his bachelor’s degree, saving him time and money in his pursuit of a new career that promised to fundamentally change his life. .

“I was able to earn credits from previous experience related to my degree using my role as a caregiver, advocate and mother to a daughter with rare, undiagnosed diseases,” says Green. “Being able to complete a unique, personalized mission to earn credits to advance my degree is one of the amazing ways that Rider University provides pathways for its students to achieve graduation.

Green, a registered nurse at Matheny Medical and Educational Center, a facility for children with special needs, medically fragile and with complex health issues, is one of the hundreds of adult students Rider supports and nurtures through their unique life situations. to make their dreams come true. Green intends to pursue his Masters and PhD with the ambition of working in a neonatal or pediatric intensive care unit or in pediatric oncology.

Among the many reasons Rider helps mature students, here are five of the most important:

1) Special rates and scholarships are available exclusively for mature students. Rider offers adult students special credit rates that make further education affordable. Mature students are also eligible to take advantage of exclusive scholarship offers. Many mature students receive tuition fees from their employer to carry out their academic activities.

“It is through the scholarships and support that the Charlotte W. Newcombe Foundation established here that I was able to continue to seek empowerment throughout my studies.

-Asia Panzino ’17, who obtained a BS in Psychology from Rider and is currently pursuing a Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Rider

2) Rider’s programs adapt to the needs and situations of mature students, with flexible and practical course options that adapt to busy schedules and offer an ideal way to combine work, family, friends and study. Classes are offered day or night, both on campus or online and throughout the year, including a January term and summer sessions. Some students graduate without ever setting foot on campus.

“I chose to take summer courses online to maintain a full schedule throughout the calendar year. It allowed me to finish my degree a year faster. Online summer courses weren’t as intimidating as I thought they were. I believe the participation in the online courses was higher and they actually gave me a lot of insight into other people’s thinking. I would definitely take another online course in the future.

-Shawn McBride ’18, a corporal in the United States Marine Corps who received his Bachelor of Business Administration in Human Resources Management

3) Rider offers a generous credit transfer policy with a no-obligation credit assessment. The University can accept up to 72 credits from two-year institutions and 90 credits from four-year institutions. Students can also leverage their work experience to earn college credit through Prior learning experience (PLA), CLEP® and language tests.

“I met with a counselor to assess my community college transcripts and all of my credits were accepted. This allowed me to accelerate my obtaining of my business diploma.

-Corey Hartpence ’16, Financial Analyst at Johnson & Johnson, who obtained her Bachelor of Business Administration in International Finance and Management

“Due to my experience on the road, I was able to get most of the credits in my major through the PLA and CLEP exams. I was able to pick up where I left off and graduate in no time.

-Rich Scannella ’18, rock ‘n’ roll drummer, who received his bachelor’s degree in popular music studies

4) Student support services are available to help adult learners succeed and academic advisors stay with them every step of the way, from the day they start classes until the day they walk in Beginning. Strong relationships with faculty and staff also make it easier to seek help, whether on campus or online.

“Dr. Harris is definitely one of those ‘great’ teachers. I feel like I have grown exponentially under her influence and she made my experience here at Rider even more rewarding than it was. was already.

– Rebecca Foulks ’17, content writer at The Odyssey and Masters of Library Science candidate, who earned a BA in Liberal Studies in the Humanities with a double minor in English and Sociology

“They helped me with classes and registration for classes and generally welcomed me with open arms at Rider. As a transfer student, I was really impressed with the College of Continuing Studies. “

-Patrick Schultz, holder of a bachelor’s degree in liberal studies

5. Rider supports students from all walks of life and understands every unique circumstance. Counselors and faculty are helpful and accommodating to every student’s situation, whether they are a transfer student, an international student, a single parent, or a full-time employee. Rider is also a proud Yellow Ribbon School, supporting former members of the military and their dependents as they progress with their education.

“As an ESL student, it’s important to me to have a small class size and accessible teachers. Rider University has an intimate environment that makes me feel comfortable. The professors do everything to help and motivate the students to work to their best potential and to succeed in their studies.

-Dilek Bond ’18, military wife and mother of children with special needs, who graduated with a bachelor’s degree in psychology

“Rider University has a prestigious business program that any student would love to participate in. It’s also on a great campus with a wonderful veterans program.”

-Jonathan Jones, veteran student, earning a Bachelor of Business Administration in Computer Information Systems

“As an international student, I felt like Rider was a place where my diversity was not only accepted but appreciated. I had a great experience with CCS! I was greeted by happy people , all eager to help and my issues were resolved quickly. “

-Laura Fernandez, international student, who obtains her bachelor’s degree in psychology

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Get creative with adult art classes in Tacoma

Hhave you ever wanted to try your hand at painting? Pottery? Maybe even glassblowing? You don’t have to be a kid to take an art class – just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with colors and textures and bring home a project that you are proud of. Bring out your creative side with one of the many adult art classes in the Tacoma area.

Open art workshop

Stadium district Open art workshop is a great place to experience the fine arts. The emphasis here is on perfecting technique, creativity and fun. With adult lessons in painting, drawing, ceramics, sewing and photography, you have a wide range of options. They also have a wine and painting evening, Pour Picasso, which makes for a fun night out.

109 N Tacoma Avenue
Tacoma, Washington 98403

Mud gallery

Get your hands dirty while making pottery at the Throwing Mud Gallery. Photo courtesy of Throwing Mud Gallery.

Have you ever dreamed of working with clay? Whether you are curious to try your hand at the potter’s wheel or want to make artisanal creations, Mud gallery offers several adult lessons suitable for beginners to experienced students. If you’re not sure you want to enroll in one of their six-week courses, consider a Give it a try, which is a unique session to introduce you to ceramic art. If you sign up for a series of classes, you will also have access to free studio time for additional practice.

2212 N 30th Street
Tacoma, Washington 98403

Uncorked canvas

Uncorked canvas
Art isn’t just for kids. Adults of all skill levels can enjoy a wide range of art classes in the Tacoma area. Photo courtesy: Uncorked Canvas

The mission of Uncorked canvas is to make art accessible to everyone. With locations in Tacoma and now West Seattle, this family-friendly studio aims to encourage anyone, regardless of skill level, to create a work of art they are proud of. Paint and Sip events are their specialty – they provide the paints, supplies, and drinks, and you bring your creativity, your friends, and a few snacks if you want. You come home with a finished canvas painting to hang on your wall. They also offer recycled glass course if that’s more your thing. Discover their Event calendar to browse the course offerings.

711, avenue Sainte-Hélène, office 202
Tacoma, WA 98402

Tacoma glassblowing workshop

Tacoma glassblowing workshop
If you’ve ever been intrigued by the magic of turning hot glass into beautiful artistic creations, try a class at Tacoma Glassblowing Studio. Photo courtesy of Tacoma Glassblowing Studio.

Are you feeling adventurous and looking to try something completely new and exciting? The course offers To Tacoma glassblowing workshop give you the opportunity to experience the magical process of making your own glass art. Options include creating your own special piece in a unique class (like ornaments or bird feeders), a series of four-week classes to hone your skills, or even sign up for private classes.

114 S 23rd Street
Tacoma, Washington State 98042

Art studio 27

Art studio 27 at University Place provides a fun and safe space to harness your artistic side and try painting. Art studio 27 Classes will walk you through the basics and build your confidence, even if you don’t think you have a creative bone in your body. Most classes are 21 and over Sip and paint events, where you will be given everything you need to bring home your own masterpiece (including wine and drinks for a fun night out). It’s a great option for a date or a fun activity with friends.

7902 27th Street West # 1
University Square, WA 98466

Festival Arts Center

The Festival Arts Center is all about community involvement in the arts. Class Offers At the Feast Arts Center, tap into a variety of art forms, making it possible to craft everything from felt hats and baskets to handmade cards. If you are looking to try something unique, you won’t be disappointed.

1402 S 11th Street
Tacoma, Washington 98405

Artistic dreamers studio

Artistic dreamers studio is the place to go if you want to let your creativity run wild. Intended to help you spark your creativity, this studio is all about inspiration, self-expression, your intuition, and your exploration. Class Offers give you the possibility to create pieces like dream catchers, tablecloths or collages.

2926 Steele Street
Tacoma, WA 98409

Tacoma Metal Arts Center

Tacoma Metal Arts Center
Create your own jewelry at the Tacoma Metal Arts Center, with classes in ring making, stone setting and more. Photo courtesy of the Tacoma Metal Arts Center.

For a unique experience, go to Tacoma Metal Arts Center to try jewelry making and metallurgy. With group glasses, private lessons, and access to studio time, everyone from beginners to advanced students can gain experience in designing and crafting their own metal creations. Check class list to choose the option that catches your eye, be it ring making, forging or stone setting.

3833 6th Avenue
Tacoma, Washington 98406

Tacoma Academy of Fine Arts

If you really want to improve your technique with a pencil, pen or brush, then the Tacoma Academy of Fine Arts is for you. This workshop provides classical training in drawing and painting, with Classes, studio opening time and workshops.

301 “A” avenue Puyallup
Tacoma, WA 98421

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Experts reveal top tips for parents moving in with their adult children

It is not unusual for adults to return to their parents’ house for reasons such as saving money and caring for their elders in their old age.

However, nowadays more and more parents choose to live with their adult children as they enter old age.

And when you are heading towards such a lifestyle, preparing both parties is essential for a smooth transition and a happy life together.

According to a blog post written by freelance writer Andrew Lisa on CheapThere are several factors to consider when choosing to move in with your children, or even your grandchildren.

Making and signing a written contract, setting limits, and discussing money-related issues are some of the things that should be taken into consideration when moving.

Interesting! Experts have revealed a number of tips for seniors who are considering returning to live with their adult children

Have open and honest conversations

Nicole Hanna, Managing Director of Henderson Vineyard – an assisted living community slated to open in Henderson, Nevada later this year – said appropriate conversation is needed any time an adult child plans to return to live with a parent.

And with 20 years of senior care experience, she knows what she is talking about.

She said: “It is so important to sit down before taking any action or making decisions to discuss the frustrations, fears, confusion, anger, sadness and any other emotion that all parties involved can feel. ”

Establish boundaries with each other

Nicole further explained that having boundaries in place is the key to a smooth move and a happy life situation.

Both parties must respect the physical and personal space they need from each other.

She said: “Borders, like fences, are often crossed or overlooked. Especially in the often rushed and sometimes interminable hours of care.

“Most caregivers are more effective and more open when they know where their limits are and when they protect them.

“It is important both for the one who receives the care and for the one who gives to understand these limits,” she added.

Be prepared for “unexpected” problems

Brainstorming all the possible issues that might arise over time is also recommended by Nicole, who says it can keep such issues from becoming a shock.

These issues, Nicole said, could include issues with financial and “what if” issues.

She explained, “There will be questions and situations that you are unlikely to be prepared for.

“To the best of your ability, try to identify a list of ‘what ifs’ and consider or determine actions associated with those,” she added.

Draw the line between “too much” and “too little” help

Alixandra Foisy, professional in gerontology – the study of old age – said it is important that older people do not feel that their independence has been taken away from them when they move in with their children.

This can cause adults not to receive help whether they need it or not.

Likewise, having too much or too little help from their newly moved parents can confuse the children.

Alixandra explained, “Some family members want to be helpful, but their parents don’t want or need help.

“At the same time, adult children may expect help with their children or at home and the older person may not want or be able to do it. Reviewing expectations and boundaries is really important and can prepare the family for more success, ”she said.

Consider creating a written contract

When it comes to communication, Alixandra takes it a step further by advising people to consider drafting a written agreement.

The gerontology expert said: “When considering moving in with an adult child, it can be helpful to write a contract about your expectations and limitations.

“These issues can be resolved through a series of conversations and can serve as a way to avoid conflict and enjoy your time together,” she added.

To make room

Kelsey Roadruck, Editor-in-Chief of Home Improvement Magazine Home method said she had learned the importance of physical space.

Converting a home to comfortably accommodate everyone can be a good idea that makes it easier to adjust life with people you may not have lived with for a long time.

She said: “The first step is to make more room to accommodate all members of the household.

“You can knock down a wall to make the kitchen bigger, convert a half-bathroom downstairs to a full bathroom, or turn a garage or extra room into extra living space,” she said. added.

Make the home private and accessible to all

If money isn’t an issue, making your home and living space a little more private for everyone who lives there can make a huge difference.

Kelsey said, “Privacy will need to be a priority in a home with multiple adults living together.

“You can divide the space into an open floor plan with partitions, half walls, and sliding or French doors,” she explained.

If a parent has a disability that prevents them from moving around and climbing stairs, for example, accommodations need to be made before they move in.

Kelsey added, “Accessibility is an issue that needs to be addressed before seniors move in. The principles of universal design are useful in fitting a home for the elderly or adults who plan to age in their own home.

“Some ideas include installing grab bars in the bathroom, replacing conventional door handles with lever handles, and improving visibility with more fixtures,” she said.

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Weird ‘toasty todger’ weird knitted Christmas adult themed novelty item raising eyebrows

‘One size fits most’: Cheeky ‘Toasty todger’ Christmas present raises eyebrows after release online

  • Australian retailer just released a very unusual Christmas gift for men
  • The “toaty todger” is a $ 9.99 accessory designed to keep intimate friends warm
  • Christmas stocking causes some raised eyebrows after being spotted online

A strange Christmas present dubbed the ‘toast cake’ has hit the shelves of an Australian retailer – and it’s causing a stir online.

The cheeky knitted accessory, which appears to be designed to keep men warm, has been listed for sale by Cotton On and is priced at $ 9.99.

An eagle-eyed shopper recently took to a Facebook group to share a snapshot of the novelty of Yuletide with a caption that read, “Ummm, Merry Christmas?

Moments after sharing, the post raised more than a few eyebrows and sparked hundreds of reactions from baffled commentators.

This bizarre ‘grilled todger’ (pictured) was spotted for sale for $ 9.99 on the shelves of Australian retailer Cotton On

While the original offer was deemed questionable by many, some said they saw the lighter side of the odd giveaway.

“Know that you love to have underwear for Christmas,” said one adding, “but this could be the year that heals this insane addiction.”

While another said: “I cannot wear them in Australia. Too hot!’

Few people have likely seen a ‘todger’ before, however, one commentator said he remembered his grandfather owned one and proudly displayed it.

If you are looking for an interesting idea for the man in your life, a

If you are looking for an interesting idea for the man in your life, a “todger” can be the perfect gift (stock image)

“I remember my grandfather had a willy warmer knitted on top of the coat,” they said.

According to Cotton On, the accessory is a novelty, which is also available in “various styles”.

‘It is exactly what you think you are. Typos cheeky new novelty gift for these Christmas stockings for adults! »Reads information about the to place.

” Unique size. ”


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Can you spot the puppy hiding among the adult dogs?

A find and seek puzzle challenges you to find the puppy hidden in a crowded dog park.

The task, created to mark National Dog Day yesterday, shows a lone puppy hiding somewhere among adult dogs in a leafy park.

It might seem like a simple task, but it’s a lot trickier than it looks – with the fastest player taking 15 seconds to find the puppy.

So, can you spot the puppy in the sea of ​​burrows, corgis, labradors and spaniel?

Scroll down for the reveal

The search-and-seek puzzle, created to mark National Dog Day in Britain yesterday, shows a lone puppy hidden somewhere among the adult dogs in a leafy park

According to the puzzle makers at pet food company Natures Menu, the average person takes 21.2 seconds to complete the challenge.

Has more time passed and you still can’t find it? Look up to the right of the image.

And if you’re really struggling, here’s a hint: the puppy appears to be a yellow Labrador and is stealthily camouflaged in something of a similar color.

Don’t worry if you haven’t been able to find it, as there are plenty of other puzzles that have been scouring the web for you to have a try.

It might seem like a simple task, but it's a lot trickier than it looks - with the current record set at an impressive 15 seconds.  Look closely and you will see the puppy at the top right of the picture

It might seem like a simple task, but it’s a lot trickier than it looks – with the current record set at an impressive 15 seconds. Look closely and you will see the puppy at the top right of the picture

A recent challenge from Holiday Extras asked cunning internet users to find a toaster wrapped among a stack of luggage.

But with various colorful cases crammed into every inch of the loaded graphic, the task isn’t as easy as it first appears.

Experts say the average person takes 43 seconds to find the well-hidden object – but will you find it faster?

The image was created after the company discovered that the traditional toaster was no longer the gift of choice for honeymooners.

A second puzzle, created by Holiday Extras, challenges finding a toaster among a stack of luggage (pictured)

A second puzzle, created by Holiday Extras, challenges finding a toaster among a stack of luggage (pictured)

In fact, home appliances were the second least popular wedding gift (after charitable giving), with most couples preferring cash (34%) or money for their honeymoon (32%).

“After conducting this research and learning that 70% of people said they would use a website that allowed them to add vacation extras to their wedding list, we decided to launch a brand new service called Honeymoon Extras.” , Seamus said. McCauley, Editor-in-Chief of Holiday Extras.

“As with any gift, it’s the thought that counts. But, as our survey shows, times are changing – couples are now favoring experiences over more traditional devices. ‘

To give up?  The answer is circled in red (photo) and is located at the top center of the busy image

To give up? The answer is circled in red (photo) and is located at the top center of the busy image

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Adult FriendFinder Hack potentially exposes millions

Adult FriendFinder, a dating site often used for casual sex encounters, is investigating a security breach after reporting that more than 3.5 million users have had their information stolen. The hack was first spotted by a computer security consultant and blogger Bev Robb then deepened by the Channel 4 UK News. FriendFinder Networks Inc. said on its website that it was investigating the breach with the help of security firm Mandiant. “Until the investigation is complete, it will be difficult to determine with certainty the full extent of the incident, but we will continue to work vigilantly to resolve this potential issue and provide updates as we proceed. will learn more about our investigation, ”the company said. wrote. “We cannot speculate further on this issue, but rest assured, we are committed to taking the appropriate steps necessary to protect our customers if they are affected.” Adult FriendFinder not only asks for details like an email address and date of birth, but also encourages users to share their personal sexual preferences with other users.



– Keith Wagstaff

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