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Your work loan simulate it for free just here!

The work loan for your home, simulate for free with Across Lender

The work loan for your home, simulate for free with Across Lender

Do you want to change your roof, renovate your bathroom, install new frames, build an annex, install a veranda, build a pool or just do some work in your home?

At Across Lender, we help you find the best solution thanks to our advisers.

Any owner of real estate will, at some point, want or need to undertake development or renovation work. There can be many reasons: insulating the roof, renovating the bathroom, building an annex, etc.

We offer a fixed rate for your refunds, no surprises.

Also, do not forget that if you undertake work or a renovation with the aim of insulation or saving energy, it will undoubtedly be possible for you, to obtain a premium to the region and / or a deduction tax credit.

This aid is not limited to investments in energy saving. You will find more information on the Wallonia and Wallonia energy websites.

Our work loan, also called renovation loan, will help you make your projects a reality.

Who can apply for a work loan?

Who can apply for a work loan?

You can apply for a work loan, if you:

  • Reside in Belgium or Luxembourg;
  • Are at least 18 years of age;
  • Receive regular income;
  • Not on file with the Capital Lender.

Why apply for a work loan?

Why apply for a work loan?

  • Need money quickly;
  • A loan to improve your property;
  • Freedom on the amount to borrow;
  • Choice on the monthly payment (your monthly payments also depend on the amount borrowed);
  • No bad surprise thanks to our advice.

The advantages of our Across Lender works loan

The advantages of our Across Lender works loan

  • Quick response;
  • Fixed and favorable interest rate;
  • Choice of amount and duration;
  • Identical amount to be reimbursed each month;
  • Money in your account quickly;
  • Loan without booking fees;
  • No notary fees;
  • Possibility of tax deduction.

Ready for renovation at the best rate

We work with several banks and are therefore able to provide you with the best solution.

Remember that if you undertake work or a renovation with the aim of insulating or saving energy, you will no doubt be able to obtain a premium from the Walloon region and / or obtain a tax deduction from your credit.

Both the federal government and the various regions offer bonuses and subsidies. These aids are not limited to investments in energy saving, we invite you to visit the websites: Energie Wallonie, Energie Flandre, Energie Bruxelles.

Our Across Lender advisers are at your disposal and advise you for your budget. Apply for your works credit online.

When you want to do renovations without touching your savings, the best solution is to take out a work loan. All formalities and clauses of contracts will be explained to you clearly and distinctly. We will take the time to answer all your questions and any concerns you may have. Throughout the duration of your work loan, we are at your disposal and ensure with you the proper monitoring of the work.

More info on the works loan

What is a work loan?

The “work loan” or “renovation loan” is a consumer loan that allows you to borrow money to finance work in real estate.

How to apply for a work loan?

  1. Calculate your credit via our simulator;
  2. Submit your credit application online;
  3. Across Lender will contact you as soon as possible to finalize your request;
  4. Sign the loan contract with one of our advisers;
  5. Have your money directly in your bank account or the contractor’s account;
  6. Realize your project.

How to apply for a credit?

  1. Think about the amount you want to borrow;
  2. Calculate your monthly payments using our simulator;
  3. Submit your credit application;
  4. One of our advisers will analyze with you the financial solution that meets your needs;
  5. Subscribe your renovation loan.

How much does a work loan cost?

The debit interest rate defines the cost of your work credit, but the cost also depends on the amount you borrow and the repayment term you choose for your loan.

What is the Global Annual Effective Rate?

The APR (Annual Effective Annual Rate) is a percentage which represents the total cost of your loan per year. It includes interest and all costs related to a loan. It also includes insurance premiums whose subscription has been required by the lender.

What is the difference between the borrowing rate and the APR?

The borrowing rate is the rate you will find in the loan amortization table. The debit rate is calculated on an actuarial basis and, at the time interval level, on the basis of equal months of 30.4167 days each.

Do I have to take out insurance for the works loan?

You are in no way obliged to take out insurance, but it can however be advised. Because it is wise and important to consider the worst, namely your death, we offer you outstanding balance insurance which will save your loved ones from assuming responsibility for your loan, in case of death before term of the contract.

Can I cancel a work loan?

You have the right to terminate your credit within 14 working days of signing your contract / SECCI.

What is SECCI?

SECCI is a document otherwise known as standardized European information on consumer credit.

Can I prepay my work loan?

You have the right to prepay your credit according to the terms of the contract.

What will happen if I don’t pay back on time?

After three unpaid monthly payments, you will be reported to the Capital Lender. You risk not being able to take out a loan any more because banks or credit organizations are under the obligation to obtain information from it before granting consumer credit.

You can also apply for a mortgage for your home. If your situation does not allow you to apply for a work loan, you can apply for a personal loan or installment loan.

Simulate your credit online without proof via our request forms above.

What does personal loan with payday attachment mean?

The financial institution, through which you have taken out a loan, requests attachment of wages. What does it mean?

Even if the creditor has tried to explain to you how this type of loan works, you do not yet have a precise idea on how it really works. Does that mean you are going to lose everything? Will your end-of-year bonus and your holiday allowance also go through? Will you be notified before this wage attachment? Here are some helpful tips to help you see more clearly.

Attachment of wages: what is it really?

Attachment of wages: what is it really?

With the personal loan with attachment on salary, your creditor will have to enter your allowance or your net salary. The operation is quite simple because it will be your employer or your institution which will take care of deducting a precise sum from your salary in order to be able to pay the creditor directly. To make sure everything goes according to the rules, a bailiff will give your employer the official act for attachment of wages. This entry will follow a mortgage loan payment arrears. Contrary to what you may think, the establishment does not even need your agreement before doing so if the loan has been signed with a notary.

Will the salary be deducted in full?

Will the salary be deducted in full?

This question is undoubtedly the one that most arouses your curiosity. Fortunately, the answer is no. There is, indeed, a minimum income right and it is only this income that the creditor can seize. If you have children, the minimum income threshold will be a little higher than if you don’t have any. The sum beyond this minimum income is therefore due to you every month. You should also know that every year, the legislator will adjust your minimum income based on the consumer price index. But be careful, there are still some exceptions that modify this rule on minimum income, if you have arrears in the matter for example, there will be no limit on the money to be entered monthly.

What about your end-of-year bonus and your holiday pay?

What about your end-of-year bonus and your holiday pay?

Faced with this situation, what will become of your holiday pay and your end-of-year bonuses? This amount will be part of your monthly net salary, which means that in the event of attachment of salary, these sums will also be taken into account. To explain the situation to you clearly, let’s take a simple example: if you earned $ 1,000 in January and if you made $ 100 of holiday pay for this month, your total salary is $ 1,100. If the minimum wage is $ 1,000 in the event of a wage attachment, your employer will therefore only pay you $ 100 for the month of January. However, he can only pay the creditor when the holiday pay is paid to you.

Can the employer refuse to pay the creditor’s money?

Can the employer refuse to pay the creditor

Whatever the situation, the employer does not have the right to refuse payment. As it is an illegal act, he risks legal action. In addition, faced with this situation of refusal of payment, your creditor can ask the employer to pay him the full amount of your due but don’t get me wrong, your employer will not have the right to dismiss you in the event of seizure salary. Unfortunately, once this situation arises, your private life will intrude on your workplace, so it is best to discuss the situation well with your employer.

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The wedding of your dreams with wedding credit

Organizing a wedding is not easy, especially since you have to pay the price. Despite the support of loved ones, additional help is often welcome, opt for a wedding loan. A good alternative to cover certain expenses in the preparation of your wedding.

What is a wedding credit?

What is a wedding credit?

Across Lender Belgium and Luxembourg offer many credit formulas. The wedding loan belongs to the category of personal loans, which means that the borrower does not need to specify the reasons which push him to subscribe to this loan. This is called a loan without proof, the capital of which is managed by the applicant.

A wedding loan offers many advantages. The couple can submit a request to Across Lender and do a simulation online without obligation. The demand varies according to the mode, online or in agency. In all cases, you must provide information and supporting documents regarding your personal situation. Procedures can, of course, vary from bank to bank.

The funds obtained during a wedding loan will serve you as well to finance the outfits, as the reservation of the reception room, the services of the caterer and the pastry chef, the invitations, the room decoration, the flowers. Without forgetting the photographers and videographers who will immortalize this very special day. If you manage your capital well, the funds can even be used to finance an idyllic honeymoon abroad.

Find Your Ideal Wedding Loan

In Belgium, many banks and credit organizations offer consumers several choices. You will be free to choose from the list of consumer loans or unassigned personal loans.

Note that a loan also involves interest, so a repayment over the long or medium term depending on your financial capacity. To find the formula that suits your means, use a loan simulator. It is a reliable, free and non-binding technological tool that allows you to compare several credit offers.

The choice of a credit, even for the wedding loan, is made according to the APR or annual effective annual rate. It is not useful to choose an offer with a very low rate and additional charges. Prefer a formula that offers good repayment conditions with acceptable interest.

By performing a brief calculation using a simulator, you will get the total amount of the loan. The repayment terms play an important role in choosing the ideal loan. Their flexibility is essential criteria. With these conditions, you will have a direct overview of the total amount to be reimbursed.

You can also define the amount of your monthly payments as well as the repayment period. Some banks encourage their customers to take out insurance, but this is not a compulsory procedure.

Conditions and subscription file for a marriage loan request

Conditions and subscription file for a marriage loan request

Once you have found the offer that suits you, you can prepare your loan request. It is a file which must contain your personal information as well as the methods chosen for reimbursement.

For this purpose, it will show the amount you want to borrow, the amount of your monthly payments and the duration of the payment of your loan. These data are not always easy to communicate. It is therefore advisable to make a brief introspection of your financial statement to define the total possible amount to borrow. To do this, deduct from your monthly income, your daily expenses, bills and other credit charges (mortgage car loan, etc.).

Then, estimate the budget you have left for the monthly payments of a wedding loan. Insisting on the stability of your financial situation will work in your favor.

If you meet all the necessary conditions, send your request via our online simulator or in one of our agencies. In both cases, the bank will do a thorough analysis of your file to assess your borrowing capacity before validating the request.

Once your request has been validated, you will be required to provide the following documents:

  • copy of your identity card
  • residence certificate
  • energy bills
  • pay slip
  • Bank statements.

In some cases, the bank may also request information about your co-borrower.

The best way to find the right loan formula for your financial situation is the loan simulator. It is a tool that gives you the opportunity to view all the information available on the many organizations in Belgium at one time. The overall effective annual rate depends on the loan offers.

Marriage credit is personal credit. The borrowing rate is around 5.95%. The amount borrowed will depend on all of your expenses. The borrowed amount added to the interest rate will represent the total amount owed.