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10 Times Sonic Went 3D Before Sonic Adventure

Sonic Adventure is often called Sonic the Hedgehog’s first 3D game, but the Sonic The series had already made many forays into 3D. There are plenty of examples of Sega, Sonic Team and other developers pushing their technological boundaries to create stunning vistas and 3D gameplay.

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much older Sonic the games used parallax scrolling and an isometric camera angle to simulate the feel of a 3D game, impressing many gamers with the experimental way the Sonic series could get. There are also older games with a full 3D Sonic, laying the groundwork for what would become Sonic Adventure.

10/10 Sonic first tried 3D in Sonic 2

Sonic and Tails run in a half pipe with bombs and rings from the game Sonic 2.

sonic the hedgehog 2 is considered one of the best Sonic games of all time, but one aspect of it that can be overlooked is its use of pseudo-3D gameplay. Sonic and Tails can enter a special stage and constantly run forward in a 3D-like perspective, collecting rings and Chaos Emeralds.

sonic 2 The special stages were a fascinating technological process and showed what the Sega Genesis and the Sonic the series were capable of. sonic 2 Pseudo-3D Special Stages remain iconic and became a staple of future Special Stages in later Sonic games.

9/10 Fans love Blue Sphere’s special stages

Special course Sonic 3 & Knuckles.

Sonic 3 and Knuckles Special Stages use 3D-like gameplay and have become very popular in the Sonic community. Compared to Sonic 2special stages, 3&K give Sonic a greater range of exploration and a better sense of 3D. Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of 3&K Special Stages is the extra game called blue spherewhich can be played by inserting the sonic the hedgehog (1991) Genesis cartridge in the Sonic and Knuckles a.

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blue sphere is an endless series of special stages with the number of levels reaching millions, making it impossible to complete in a single life. As absurd as blue sphere that is to say, it is a great example of the advanced “lock-on” technology created by Sega and the Sonic team.

8/10 Sonic 3D Blast has 3D special scenes and a director’s cut

The title image of Sonic 3D Blast, featuring a 3D rendering of Sonic and his bird friends.

3D Sonic Blast on the Sega Genesis features 2.5D isometric gameplay with 2.5D sprites and aesthetics; the game acts as a sort of in-between of Sonic’s 2D and 3D realms. 3D Sonic Blast also received a port on the Sega Saturn where fans could play as Sonic in full new 3D levels.

The Sega Saturn port features 3D Special Stages based on the Special Stages of Sonic 2, showing what a technological upgrade the Sega Saturn was over the Sega Genesis. While both versions of 3D Sonic Blast divide, they’re worth playing to see how Sonic was gradually transitioning to 3D. For curious minds, there is also an unofficial director’s version of the Genesis version by Jon Burton, who was the lead programmer of the Genesis version.

7/10 Sonic X-Treme is a canceled Sonic game

Sonic X-Treme Boss engine.

Sonic X-treme was a Sonic game planned to be Sonic’s debut on the Sega Saturn, as well as Sonic’s first full 3D release. However, a strict deadline, heavy workloads, and serious disagreements ultimately lead to the game being canceled.

Sonic X-treme remains an infamous title, having a lot of information released since its cancellation. In terms of gameplay, the game was supposed to replicate the gameplay of Genesis Sonic in a fully 3D world with a fish-eye camera. Although the project is fascinating, fans generally conclude that it was ultimately for the best. Sonic X-treme was cancelled, citing that the gameplay looks incredibly hard to play.

6/10 Sonic The Fighters is the first game to use 3D models

Sonic punches Knuckles in a boxing ring from the game Sonic the Fighters.

Originally an arcade game, sonic the fighters is a fairly obscure fighting game and the first Sonic game to use full 3D character models. sonic the fighters has squash-and-stretch animation, which helps the 3D graphics age well and gives the Sonic characters memorable expressions.

sonic the fighters is considered a fun distraction, but not intuitive like other fighting games. Still, sonic the fighters worth watching and can be enjoyed for how it transforms Sonic and co. in 3D characters. Fans can also appreciate how Sonic’s move played out in-game, as it was replicated for Sonic in Brawl Super Smash Bros..

5/10 Sonic R is a unique racing game

Sonic racing on his feet in a desert from the game Sonic R.

Sonic R is a unique racing game because the characters race on foot rather than in karts, as in Sonic Drift Where Mario Kart 64. Sonic R is also technically the first fully 3D Sonic game, featuring both 3D characters and scenes.

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Sonic R the gameplay gives characters greater freedom and exploration than a standard kart racing game. Although Sonic R controls receive reviews, the game has its fans and is considered a novelty in the Sonic franchise. People still wish Sega and Sonic Team would review Sonic R gameplay for a future Sonic racing game.

4/10 Sonic Jam has a 3D hub world

The Sonic Jam movie theater.

Sonic jam for the Sega Saturn is a compilation of ports of Sonic’s early Genesis games. In addition to its ports, Sonic jam receives praise for its intuitive 3D hub world, titled “Sonic World”.

Sonic World lets players control a 3D model of Sonic, free to run around the hub world. Sonic World doubles as a museum, with areas Sonic can visit Sonic content, such as a trailer for the Sonic the Hedgehog OVA. Sonic Jam’s Sonic World was an exciting concept and arguably did better than the future its central world Sonic securities.

3/10 Sonic has an educational game

Sonic teaches children school subjects from the video game Sonic's Schoolhouse.

In 1996, Sonic received an educational computer game called The School of Sonic. Young children were able to interact with a 3D model of Sonic, which helped them with math, reading and spelling. It was also the first time Sonic had done voice acting in a video game since. sonic cd.

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The game has since become a meme, with fans joking about the game having creepy images. Sonic also has robotic animation and a weird, high-pitched voice, which doesn’t help matters. Anyway, many young children liked The School of Sonic because they liked Sonic to help them with their school subjects.

2/10 Sonic has a Claymation ad

Claymation Sonic the Hedgehog in a town from an old Japanese Sonic the Hedgehog commercial.

Technically speaking, Sonic’s first 3D animated appearance is in an old Japanese commercial. sonic the hedgehog (1991) received memorable marketing with stop-motion animation.

The commercial uses modeling clay and has Sonic dancing in a parade car driving through a city. The animators went all out with the visuals, giving Sonic a ton of energy the character would become known for. Sonic fans should see the ad; it’s a fun piece of Sonic history and has a very charming clay.

1/10 Sonic is playable in a NiGHTS game

Sonic the Hedgehog impatiently tapping his foot from the title screen of the Sonic the Hedgehog Into Dreams minigame.

The Sega and Sonic Team nights in dreams The Sega Saturn game received a sampler disc titled Christmas nights in dreams. In it, players can play as Sonic the Hedgehog in a mini-game titled Sonic the hedgehog in dreams.

The minigame is the first time players have been able to control Sonic in a fully 3D environment, before the two Sonic Adventure and Sonic R. Although Sonic the hedgehog in dreams may be hard to appreciate now, it was a real treat for Sonic fans who had yet to receive a full 3D Sonic game. Unfortunately, the minigame is not in any remaster of nights in dreamsonly appearing in the original Sega Saturn version of Christmas nights in dreams.

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