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10 Characters From JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure Who Would Make Great Wizards In Harry Potter

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is a legendary shonen action series with a stand-based combat system. A Stand is the physical manifestation of a person’s fighting spirit or personality, and its form, function, and power vary widely, from the Star Platinum melee monster to the string-based Stone Free and the Aerosmith. range oriented. A stand is almost like magic.

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If the characters of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure found themselves in the famous world of Harry Potter, their stand-based combat system would actually translate well to magic and wands. After all, Pits reward creative and ingenious thinking with supernatural powers, and the same goes for Harry Potter wizards and their spells. Some Stand users, and for that matter hamon users, are ready for their own wand.

ten Giorno Giovanna should study Transfiguration at Hogwarts

The fifth Joestar hero is the blond Giorno Giovanna, who has the blood of the Joestars and of Dio Brando himself. Giorno wields a melee stand named Gold Experience which has the bizarre ability to turn non-living objects into animals or plants, ranging from house flies to snakes and trees.

This is a classic example of Transfiguration, one of the most common and essential types of magic in the world. Harry Potter world. If Gold Experience became a magic wand, Giorno could prove his worth in Professor McGonagall’s Transfiguration class and show the other Gryffindors how it was done.

9 The sale should also continue the transfiguration

A variety of Jojo villains would also do well with magical topics like Transfiguration or Charms, as many Stands are based on altering the function of objects or conjuring them out of thin air. Another great example is the villain Sale, a Stand user whose Kraftwerk can “freeze” items in mid-air, like my hero academiais Rock Lock.

What Sale does with his Stand is remarkably similar to Transfiguration, and he can use this ability in all sorts of clever and resourceful ways, something Professor McGonagall expects of his students. Sale’s new wand would make him a utilitarian wizard, to say the least, transfiguring absolutely everything around him.

8 Leon Abbacchio is all about charms

Even though Leon Abbacchio wasn’t very nice to Giorno during their time together, they made a great team, and Leon quickly showed Giorno exactly what he was capable of. Leon’s Moody Blues Stand isn’t so good at actual combat, but he can use a unique ability to visualize the past and recreate it in great detail.

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This Amazing Moody Blues Ability Could Recall Harry Potter fans of Charms, the subject taught by Ravenclaw’s head of house, Filius Flitwick. Charms is a broad and useful topic that relates to incorporeal spells with unusual effects, such as the Fidelius Charm or the Protean Charm. This describes Moody Blues well.

seven Koichi Hirose is also a charms practitioner

Koichi Hirose is one of Josuke’s JoBros from The diamond is unbreakable story arc, and at first he wasn’t even a Stand user at all. Then his Stand was born from an egg and began to grow, gaining new abilities as it went. Echo abilities are often sound-based and reward creative thinking.

All of this means the lowly Koichi would make a good Hufflepuff, and like Leon, his Stand makes him a natural candidate for Charms. As a wand, Echoes would allow Koichi to practice or even invent all sorts of clever charm spells that reshape the world around him and fight dark wizards. It is unknown what kind of spell he will use next.

6 Caesar Zeppeli should learn Defense Against the Dark Arts

In the Fight Tendency story arc, the short-lived hamon/ripple combat system was greatly expanded with characters such as the wily Joseph Joestar, his rival Caesar Zeppeli, and their mentor, Lisa Lisa herself. This supernatural combat system is almost as flexible and creative as the Stand system itself.

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Any hamon user could realistically become a Harry Potter wizard, and Caesar, in particular, is cut out for defense against the forces of evil. He’s been training his combat-oriented hamon for years, and he can alter bubbles and solar energy to great effect. He would make a good Auror one day if he got a wand.

5 Joseph Joestar is all about divination

Jonathan’s grandson, Joseph Joestar, starred in the Stardust Crusaders story arc with its own stand, Hermit Purple. This Stand had appreciable combat prowess, but Joseph’s new Stand really shines when he uses it to see other people from afar via cameras or TVs.

This supernatural ability makes him a seer in Harry Potter terms, someone who can see the omens of the near future and what is to come. Hermit Purple is Joseph’s own divination tool, and it could be translated to crystal balls, astrology, and tea leaf reading in Harry Potter terms. He would also find Professor Trelawney hilarious during class.

4 Rohan Kishibe can use charms and legilimence

Manga artist Rohan Kishibe is a neutral third party in The diamond is unbreakable, and he is known to fight alongside and against Josuke Higashikata. He’s a naturally curious and bright person who would make an excellent Ravenclaw student, and his wand, Heaven’s Door, could do all sorts of things.

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Rohan is all about mind reading, and in Harry Potter terms, it is the magical realm of legilimency. Characters such as Snape and Voldemort have been known to use it, and now it’s Rohan’s turn too. His wand’s effect on people also involves the use of charms, altering their minds to suit Rohan’s will.

3 Yoshikage Kira has mastered dark magic

Some Jojo villains use transfiguration or charms, but others use the dark arts to hurt or kill people, and that includes serial killer Yoshikage Kira. His stand, Killer Queen, can blast any object or person, and he can also use Sudden Heart Attack or even reverse time with Bites the Dust to knock enemies back.

Perverse effects like this are clearly dark magic, the kind that Voldemort and Bellatrix Lestrange use regularly. Wizard-Kira wouldn’t actually join Voldemort’s cause, but he would use similar spells, casting dastardly spells and curses to blast wizards or even reverse time to avoid capture. The Aurors are on the case.

2 Guido Mista would master the duel of wizards

Giorno’s ally, Guido Mista, is a Gunslinger Stand user whose Sex Pistols Stand allows him to alter the flight path of his bullets and hit targets from impossible angles. Mista is therefore a dedicated fighter and duelist, and that should translate well to Harry Potter terms.

Mista would make an excellent Gryffindor who is always up for a duel. His Sex Pistols wand is designed for magical combat and hexes, allowing him to take on anyone in Gilderoy Lockhart’s dueling club and annihilate them. No matter who faces him, Mista has the right spell and will cast him with astonishing accuracy.

1 Mariah is all about the glamor job

Stand user named Mariah has a strange Stand named Bastet that will cause metal objects to fly and magnetize towards the target, though getting this Stand to work properly takes time. Mariah needs the target to hit a fake electrical outlet, but having a wand should make things easier.

Like a Harry Potter A rogue witch, Mariah used her wand to cast intricate charms on objects around her and attach them to her enemies until they were crushed. Creating magic snaps like this is definitely a work of charm, and Mariah is a master at it. Too bad she’s a villain and not a helpful hero on this.